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Windows are 'quick and fun' to get sparkling clean with combo of common household items

In the Instagram clip, he says: “I’m never cleaning my windows any other way.”

In a bid to clean the outside of his windows, he places a paint roller in his window cleaner. Then place the roller over the exterior of the glass spreading the soapy mixture.

Try to not add too much pressure to the roller and let it glide across.

Next, Cunningham uses a squeegee to clear the solution from his windows and make sure he doesn’t leave any smears behind.

Another step he takes is using a clean towel to help speed up the drying process.

Cunningham also showed his 245,000 followers how to make the cleaning solution.

First of all, he added two cups of water to a bucket and then measured half a cup of white vinegar and added it to the water.

Then, Cunningham added a teaspoon of Dawn dish soap to the mixture and stirred.

People took to the comment section of the video to share their thoughts on his technique, with one person writing: “Yep. Vinegar seems to be key in many cleaning things.”

Another wrote: “That’s exactly how I do my windows, even the solution is the same, works wonderfully.”

While a third said: “Perfect timing, on my to-do [list] for tomorrow.”

However, one person shared a different tool that they use. They said: “I do that with a mop, it is easier!!”

Finally, another wrote: “You are absolutely correct sir!! You can also clean flat painted walls the same way too, BAM!!!!”


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