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Drivers can safely replace tyres at home by avoiding six ‘hidden dangers’ during changes

A former police officer and traffic reporter has revealed six ways drivers can avoid damage, injury, or death while changing tyres at home.

The driving expert, Cam Woolley, now a safety ambassador for Diamond & Diamond Lawyers, demonstrated the tips in a TikTok video filmed inside his garage.

In his tutorial clip for Diamond & Diamond (@diamond_lawyers), Cam instructs viewers to use a stable, good-quality jack to lift their vehicle, with jack stands for additional support.

Jack stands keep a car lifted if it falls from the jack.

Cam stresses: “When lifting your vehicle [for a tyre change], don’t risk damage, injury or death by doing it wrong.”

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Cam adds that many performance cars have different-sized wheels and tyres for the front and back.

He says: “Mixing any of that [tyre row placement] up can seriously affect handling and cause significant damage.”

Cam instructs viewers to torque their replacement tyre to the correct specification that your car’s owner’s manual references. You’ll re-torque this wheel in 75 to 100 kilometres, or after 46 to 62 miles.

Lastly, this motoring expert asks drivers of modern vehicles to make sure their car’s tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has been reset and is working correctly, as low air pressure can increase blowout risks and reduce handling.


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