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‘I tried a method to remove dandelions from yard that will stop their growth cycle’

Dandelions are a form of weeds that will outcompete the other plants in the area and even disrupt the growth of your grass.

That said, it may be beneficial to remove them from your yard.

A woman, @spaceace43 on TikTok, has tried out a method that her friend said worked for them in their venture to get rid of dandelions.

In an upload to the social media platform, she said: “So someone told me how to get rid of dandelions, like for good, besides spraying whatever type of stuff.

“So I’m gonna try it, and I’m gonna share it with you guys so you could try it too.

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“But then, you have to find all the other ones in the area and pull their heads off.

“And then you have to really dig down in there. You see how there’s the one right there? You’ve got to pop that one’s head off too.

“And so they said that that’s what they did throughout their yard. And what it does is it messes up the cycle. Because they’re supposed to be yellow and then turn into the puff and then spread their seeds everywhere right?

“And you’re kinda stopping them from doing that, so they die,” she finished off.


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