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Vladimir Putin unleashes hell dropping 200 bombs on one city in Ukraine amid bloody battle

Russia has dropped 200 bombs on one area of Ukraine as Volodymyr Zelensky rages at Vladimir Putin’s “constant” attacks.

Moscow’s forces have targeted the northeastern region of Sumy in recent weeks while fighting on the frontline continues.

Civilians in Sumy have had to be evacuated after 30 separate instances of shelling on Tuesday.

Zelensky said: “Since the beginning of the month, Russian aviation has already dropped almost 200 guided bombs on the communities of Sumy region. Villages, cities, civilian infrastructure.”

This comes as fighting between Russia and Ukraine also reaches Russian territory.

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Belgorord, a Russian city close to the Ukrainian border, has been targeted by pro-Ukraine groups in recent weeks.

Groups of Russian fighters who support Ukraine even claimed that they had taken control of villages in the Oblast.

The region was one staging ground for the invasion by Russia in February 2022.

It has come under regular Ukrainian attacks ever since Russian forces retreated there from northeastern Ukraine early in the war under the brunt of a counteroffensive by Kyiv.

An attack on the city of Belgorod on December 30 marked a bloody escalation. A barrage of rockets struck on a holiday weekend as residents celebrated the New Year. Officials said 25 people were killed, including five children, and over 100 were injured.

Regular rocket and drone strikes have continued since then. The area can be struck by relatively simple and mobile weapons such as multiple rocket launchers from forests on the Ukrainian side.

Border villages have faced repeated incursions backed by tanks, armored infantry vehicles and other heavy weapons. Russia claimed that it had repelled the attacks and inflicted heavy losses.

The repeated Ukrainian attacks have dealt a heavy blow to President Vladimir Putin’s attempts to reassure Russians that their daily lives are largely untouched by the war.

Russian border villages in the region have been targeted sporadically during the war by Ukrainian artillery fire, rockets, mortar shells and drones launched from dense forests, where they are hard to detect.

Putin said last week that the attacks on Belgorod “won’t go unpunished.”

He added: “I’m sure that our people, the people of Russia, will respond to that with even greater cohesion.”


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