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'They think they actually won!' Putin puppet bizarrely claims US lied about Cold War win

A fierce ally of Vladimir Putin and prominent Kremlin propagandist took to Russian state TV to baselessly declare the Soviet Union the real winner of the Cold War.

Karen Shakhnazarov appeared on Rossiya 1 TV for a panel discussion alongside fellow propagandist Vladimir Solovyov and professor Dmitry Evstafiev, where he claimed the US has been spreading lies about their victory in “psychological statements”.

He said in comments reported by Newsweek: “They sincerely believe they won the Cold War. They think they actually won! This is the psychology of the winner and this is how they are behaving.” 

Shakhnazarov, who is also the director general of the state-backed film studio Mosfilm, falsely said the US’s victory has “absolutely no basis in reality” and the USSR merely collapsed due to “internal” reasons.

He claimed: “In my opinion, it has absolutely no basis in reality. The real reasons for the dissolution of the USSR were totally different, they were internal.

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“When we go back to the Cold War period of the USSR, why did they talk to the USSR differently back then? Because in their eyes, the Soviet Union was the winner and they were losers. In reality, the West lost.”

Shakhnazarov acknowledged England and the US’s participation in what he called the “anti-Hitler coalition”, but maintained that “as a whole, the West had lost”.

He said: “This is a very important psychological angle. That’s why they were talking totally differently. To put it simply, we defeated them, but they are feeling froggy. We did not lose anything.”

In reality, the Cold War ended in 1991 with the dissolution of the USSR and Eastern Bloc.



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