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Premium Bonds customer worried new Bonds may not go into April draw – NS&I responds

A Premium Bonds customer who purchased new Bonds was left unsure if they would be eligible for the next monthly prize draw.

The worried saver contacted NS&I over X to vent their frustration. They said: “Not happy just invested £500 into Premium Bond, had to telephone, and was told that it will be allowed for the April Draw, but have had no confirmation.”

NS&I replied to first ask if they were opening an account or buying additional Bonds for an existing account. They said they were buying more Bonds for an existing account.

The provider then asked if the new Bonds had appeared on their online account.

The person responded: “It appeared on 1/3/2024 my concern is it was paid in in February and I have to wait one month before in the premium draw, please confirm it’s in the April draw and not the May draw?”

NS&I then clarified how the process works when buying more Bonds. The group said: “When paying funds in by an external bank transfer, the funds will only be allocated to a draw date once they are reflected onto your account.

“It takes up to two working days for a bank transfer to reflect on an NS&I holding. If on your account it is showing as the 1 March, the Bonds will only be eligible to win prizes from the May prize draw.”

Another customer recently contacted NS&I as they were unable to access their account.

They also contacted NS&I over X as they couldn’t log in to their account, as they had changed their phone number and so could not receive the code they needed to log in.

The customer said: “I tried writing (I can’t call because of my disability) and they said you could help. They also said I could just login and change it but of course I can’t.”

NS&I told them that unfortunately their security phone number could only be changed by calling the helpline.

A representative of the savings giant asked if they could use textphone over the Text Relay Service instead of speaking over the phone.

The customer said they wouldn’t be able to do this. They then asked: “Is there a way to cash in my Bonds without logging in?

“Otherwise I have to write off £1000s. I have written asking them to let me get someone to call for me, but I doubt they will let me.”

NS&I then asked the individual if they had a Premium Bonds holder’s number, and they replied to say they did and also had all the details of their Bond purchases.

The provider also advised the customer: “We do have available our online withdrawal form that you can still complete and submit for us without needing to log in online, in this case.”

The provider linked to this webpage where a person can cash in their Premium Bonds.

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