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Simple way to save £95 at Antler checkout as brand launches 'New Icon Collection'

A simple trick can slash £95 off the price of Antler luggage as the brand launches its ‘New Icon Collection’. Those planning a city break, family holiday, or extended trip might want to consider Antler’s Ryanair, easyJet and Jet2-approved suitcases.

The brand has become incredibly popular with eager travellers setting off this Spring, and there are several cases available at a fraction of the usual price in its ‘clearance’ section. However, choosing a reduced last-chance case isn’t the only method to save money. As we’ve found a way to reduce the cost of their stylish four-wheeler cases by nearly £100.

You can save £95 at the Antler checkout if you bundle three suitcases together, rather than purchasing them separately. You’ll need to select three different sizes from the same range, but it’s a cost-saving trick that not many avid travellers are aware of…and it can be applied to any luggage set.

Its three-piece luggage sets, like this Clifton Set in Taupe, Blush, or Sage start at £527, which may surprise many travellers, but it does work out significantly cheaper than buying each case individually. This Icon Stripe Set in Taupe (also available in Heather Purple, Black, Moorland Pink, and Antler Green) costs £535 in total, which includes a large, medium and cabin bag – but you’ll save £95 with our set tip, reports Devon Live.

The large Icon case alone costs £245, the medium size is priced at £210, and the small cabin size is £175. Purchasing these individually would total a whopping £630, compared to the set price of £535.

The Brixham Set, currently priced at £527, offers a saving of £93 when purchasing the large, medium, and cabin-sized cases as a set rather than individually.

This lesser-known trick comes as the brand launches its new 2024 ‘New Icon Collection’ to celebrate its 110th anniversary. The same ‘bundle into a set to save nearly £100’ strategy can be applied to this newer collection.

A spokesperson for Antler commented on the new range: “Merging timeless design with unmatched durability, the Icon Collection caters to the evolving needs and changing behaviours of modern-day travel. Featuring gorgeous three distinct silhouettes: the Icon Stripe suitcase, the Soft Stripe suitcase, and Discovery backpack.”

“The Icon collection perfectly marries brand and product expertise. From £245, the collection spans across large, medium and cabin suitcase styles, as well as offering luggage tags, straps and packing cubes to complete your perfect travel companion.” The full range can be shopped here.

In addition to Antler, deals on luggage can also be found at Dunelm and Amazon, including bags that travellers are choosing in an effort to save on hand-luggage costs and fit under-the-seat-infront.


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