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Remove patio moss ‘for good’ with expert’s ‘game-changing’ household item – no scrubbing

Patios look unsightly when covered in moss as it stains them and creates textured growth. It can also make the surface of pavers slippery, creating a fall risk for anyone who walks over them.

Once moss starts growing between patio slabs or on paving, it will keep growing until it takes over the entire area, or until you clean it.

Yet, there’s a “remarkably simple and effective solution” right in your home that not only addresses the issue but also “ensures moss stays away for good”, claimed Steven Bell of Paving Shopper.

He recommends using laundry detergent – a household staple known for its cleaning prowess on clothes, which doubles as an effective moss combatant” on paving and gravel. 

Steven said: “This readily available item is a game-changer in the fight against unsightly moss. Laundry detergent is an affordable and efficient way to tackle moss. The beauty of this approach is that it requires no scrubbing as nature does the heavy lifting with the help of rainfall.”

He explained that all you have to do is simply scatter the laundry detergent over the mossy patches when they’re dry, and let the upcoming rain wash it away. 

The expert added: “This method is straightforward and kind to the environment, posing no threat to the adjacent grass or plant life.”

The process is designed for ease as there’s no need for a manual rinse as the rain is expected to fulfil this role. However, timing the detergent application before expected rainfall will give you “the best outcome”.

However, it should be noted that using laundry detergent on moss may not be instantaneous as it “could take several days to fully eradicate the moss”. 

For those seeking “quicker results”, a concoction of laundry detergent and water sprayed directly onto the moss can speed up the process. 

Following the discolouration and death of the moss, a rinse with warm water and a sweep with a stiff brush will clear the area.

Steven added that this approach is not only wallet-friendly but also gentle on the paving materials and safe method for the surrounding garden areas. 

He claimed that he’s personally applied biodegradable washing powder on a large area afflicted with moss, sprinkled it across, and left it. Then “two years on, the moss has yet to make a return”.


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