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Brits are 'clueless' about fish – but can you tell your plaice from your pollock?

A poll of 2,000 adults found 53% are ‘clueless’ about fish – despite 67% consuming it at least once a week. But how do you compare? Are you ‘small fry’ when it comes to your knowledge of the aquatic vertebrates? Or are you ‘the big fish’?

By taking this quiz by Fish Said Fred, you’ll find out once and for all if you’re the best in the school.

Lisa Cowell, from the chilled fish brand, which supplies responsibly sourced fish to UK supermarkets and also commissioned the research, said: “Despite its popularity, many consumers don’t know a great deal about fish.

“And they can be put off by misconceptions around cooking time and how to serve it. But as the study shows, 56% believe they should enjoy more fish than they currently do. So, we’re on a mission to help people become more ‘fish confident’ by making fish quick, easy, simple and tasty for them to cook.”

The study found more than three quarters are unable to correctly identify haddock (78%), and 62% wouldn’t know a cod if they saw one.

That’s despite these two species being the most popular fish to eat among those polled – cod (52%), salmon (46%), tuna (41%) and haddock (36%).

Three in five (57%) are unable to correctly identify trout and 47% wouldn’t recognise tuna. It’s a similar story with salmon (32%) and sardines (44%). While one in 10 even think supermarket fish is caught in the Loch Ness.

But it’s not just identifying the different species which those polled struggle with. The study found 50% find it ‘difficult’ to come up with creative ways to prepare fish-based dishes.

And 18% find the prep involved ‘too tedious’ and 21% of those who eat fish aren’t confident cooking different varieties. With 69% citing lack of recipe inspiration and education as key barriers to eating fish more often. Despite many not knowing a great deal about fish, there’s still a strong desire to consume it – 90% of those polled are fish eaters.

And while there might be room for improvement when it comes to what some might know about the food item, there appears to be overwhelming support for responsible fishing. The research carried out through OnePoll found 82% believe it’s ‘important’ all seafood consumed is responsibly sourced.

A spokesperson for Fish Said Fred, added: “Fish is incredibly healthy and nutritious, and the NHS recommends eating two portions per week – it’s a great, simple source of protein for all UK families.”


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