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North Korea on war path as Pyongyang ready for military strike over 'reckless' US drills

North Korea has threatened to take military action to hit back at the “reckless” military exercises the United States and South Korea have embarked on this week.

Pyongyang said it was ready to unleash an unspecified “responsible” reply in retaliation to the drills it considers part of a plot to invade the rogue nation.

The US and South Korea have embarked on its annual 11-day computer-simulated command post training – which will include a variety of 48 field exercises.

But despite the annual occurrence of the drills, North Korea’s Defence Ministry said it “strongly denounces the reckless military drills of the US and [South Korea] for getting more undisguised in their military threat to a sovereign state and attempt for invading it.”

A spokesperson for the ministry said Pyongyang’s forces will “continue to watch the adventurist acts of the enemies and conduct responsible military activities to strongly control the unstable security environment on the Korean Peninsula.”

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Seoul has expanded the military exercises it conducts each year with the US – with the field exercises doubling since last year’s drills.

Kim last month also dismissed suggestions he would support Seoul’s efforts for a peaceful reunification between the two Koreas.

Experts say North Korea could build a bigger weapons arsenal that would provide it with greater leverage in future diplomacy with the United States.

They say North Korea is desperate to win international recognition as a nuclear state, a status that it would think helps it win relief from US-led economic sanctions.

North Korea is expected to further dial up tensions with more missile tests and warlike rhetoric this year as the US and South Korea head into major elections.

Pyongyang may stage limited provocation near the tense border with South Korea this year, experts say.


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