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West given chilling three-word warning over Hamas as Israel's Gaza strategy 'breaks down'

As tensions escalate in the Gaza conflict, former US State Department Middle East Negotiator Aaron Miller issued a stark warning regarding Hamas, suggesting that Israel’s strategy in the region has “broken down”.

Miller, who served under six US secretaries of state on Arab-Israel affairs, highlighted the enduring presence and influence of Hamas despite Israeli military advances in the enclave.

“Hamas will survive in some form,” Miller told France24, emphasising the group’s resilience and its potential to shape Palestinian politics both in Gaza and beyond.

“[Hamas] is likely to continue to play a critical role in the formation of Palestinian politics, both in Gaza and perhaps even beyond that given the weakness of the Palestinian Authority,” he added.

The assessment comes amid a backdrop of escalating violence and displacement, with more than half a million Palestinians reportedly displaced by recent Israeli military operations in Rafah and northern Gaza, according to the United Nations.

In a notable move, US President Joe Biden halted a shipment of thousands of bombs on May 8, signalling a serious stance to both Israel and domestic critics.

However, Miller cautioned against viewing this as an embargo, noting historical precedents where American presidents have taken more forceful actions towards Israel.

Despite the strained US-Israeli relationship, Miller suggested that the Biden administration is unlikely to take steps that would result in a sustained public breach between the two countries.

He stressed the need for collaboration with the current Israeli government in any efforts to address the crisis in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the situation on the ground remains dire, with reports of food shortages and mass displacement.

The United Nations warns of catastrophic levels of hunger among Palestinians, with a “full-blown famine” unfolding in the north of Gaza. Israeli forces continue to push into areas portrayed as Hamas strongholds, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.

The conflict, which has endured for seven months, has exacted a heavy toll on civilians, with over 35,000 people, mostly women and children, killed according to local health officials.


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