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Jeremy Hunt's office daubed with vile 'die Tory scum' graffiti a day before Budget

Jeremy Hunt has pledged not to be deterred from his job, after sick protestors targeted his constituency office this morning.

The Chancellor’s local office in Hindhead, Surrey, was daubed with the phrase “Die Tory scum” three times, just one day ahead of his much-awaited Budget.

The vandalism attack, first reported by the Woking News & Mail, comes amid rising concerns about MP safety and threats to democracy by extremist groups, in the wake of both Just Stop Oil campaigns and protests by pro-Palestinian groups.

Despite the despicable threat, Mr Hunt has said he is standing his ground, and won’t let the “idiot” protestors get in the way of British democracy.

He said: “The British people are famously tolerant which is why we have one of the most robust democracies in the world.

He defiantly added: “We won’t be deterred by a few idiots”. The attack came on the same day that fellow Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns revealed a sick email she had received laden with personal abuse and hoping her young boy gets “molested”.

The email, which the Morley and Outwood MP described as “vile”, included references to rape and a hope that “Hamas comes for you”.

Ms Jenkyns’ fellow MPs piled in with support after the upsetting communication was revealed, with Labour MP Stella Creasy offering solidarity.

She added: “No one should be subjected to this kind of abuse”. Senior Tory Sir Robert Buckland said the threat was “disgusting and shameful”, adding: “Bringing family into it is deeply disturbing”.

The latest spate of abuse directed to MPs comes just four days after Rishi Sunak blasted political intimidation in a dramatic Downing Street press conference.

Taking to the steps outside No. 10 following the shock election of George Galloway, the Prime Minister addressed the “shocking increase in extremist disruption and criminality” in recent months.

“What started as protests on our streets have descended into intimidation, threats and planned acts of violence.

“Jewish children fearful to wear their school uniform lest it reveals their identity. Muslim women abused in the street for the actions of a terrorist group they have no connection with.

“Now our democracy itself is a target. Council meetings and local events have been stormed. MPs do not feel safe in their homes. Long-standing parliamentary conventions have been upended because of safety concerns.

“And it’s beyond alarming that last night, the Rochdale by-election returned a candidate that dismisses the horror of what happened on October 7, who glorifies Hezbollah and is endorsed by Nick Griffin, the racist former leader of the BNP.”

Last month, Tory MP Tobias Ellwood faced a protest outside his private family home by up to 100 Palestinian activists, while his two children were inside.

The targeting of the MP’s home was condemned as “chilling” and “unacceptable”.

Since then, Just Stop Oil has doubled down on the new tactic of targeting MPs’ homes, with a leading activist confirming they will continue between now and election.

Dr Grahame Buss said: “We’re going to be standing outside the homes and offices of MPs but in an entirely non-violent way”.


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