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Activists urge Steve Barclay to help end UK exploitation of animals abroad

Steve Barclay has received a letter with more than 100 signatures demanding he take immediate action to protect animals from being exploited as tourist experiences.

The Animals (Low-Welfare Activities Abroad) Act passed into law in September but campaigners said it will have no meaningful impact until appropriate regulations have been passed specifying which activities sold and advertised in the UK will be banned.

The letter said: “Effective implementation of these world-leading measures will demonstrate the standing of the UK as a leading voice for animal protection on the international stage and provide an opportunity for nations globally to adopt similar measures for the protection both of vulnerable species and of humans, preventing thousands more people from being catastrophically injured and killed while engaging in unethical and dangerous tourism activities.”

Save The Asian Elephants, Born Free and Four Paws UK have joined MPs, peers and celebrities in signing the letter.

Conservative MP Angela Richardson’s Animals (Low Welfare Activities Abroad) Bill received support from politicians across parties.

The Bill makes it illegal for travel companies in the UK to sell and advertise cruel animal activities that take place abroad.

The letter said: “The signatories to this letter have been standing ready to help you progress matters. We have already provided your officials with a list of suggested proscribed activities for consideration, for which we can provide abundant and compelling evidence assembled from numerous specialist and expert sources.”

Ms Richardson’s Bill follows a number of long-running campaigns to raise awareness about the negative welfare implications of some activities involving close encounters with wild animals outside the UK, and which are available to those who live in the UK when travelling abroad.

Activities that animal welfare campaigners have raised concerns about include elephant rides, dolphinariums and close encounters with big cats.


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