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Who is Jason Palmer? Shock as Joe Biden LOSES American Samoa Democratic caucus

Joe Biden had an easy night’s work on Super Tuesday – apart from in the territory of American Samoa where previously unknown Jason Palmer claimed a win.

The entrepreneur clinched 51 of the 91 ballots cast – while Biden won 40.

It’s an anomaly unlikely to cause concern among the Biden camp but Palmer’s sudden emergence has left political commentators scratching their heads.

The long shot bid was described in a recent press release after he qualified for the presidential ballot in 16 states.

It said: “At 52, Palmer stands out as one of the youngest Democratic candidates on the ballot, offering a fresh perspective based on his experience as an entrepreneur and businessman.

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Odd wins in American Samoa are not uncommon. In 2020, billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s only win came in the Democratic Primaries came on the territory.

Reacting to the news live on Fox, host Bret Baier sounded in disbelief.

He told viewers: “We just have a call now in American Samoa.

“President Biden will lose to Jason Palmer, a self-described entrepreneur and investor.”

He went onto confess: “I don’t even know who Jason Palmer is. But he is now the winner.”

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