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'UK's most remote pub' completely 'cut off' by mountains and water

A pub described as the “most remote in the UK” has taken social media by storm after a TikTok user documented his visit to the watering hole.

The Old Forge, located in Inverie on the Knoydart Peninsula in the Scottish Highlands, isn’t accessible by road or rail. Instead, thirsty punters keen to visit can either endure an 18-mile trek each way or reach the pub by boat.

Cut off by mountains and water, the establishment is only for “hardcore pub-goers” according to TikTok user PhilC84. However, he added the watering hole might be worth the effort as it is set in a stunning community, home to just 120 residents.  Describing his journey from London, he joked that he simply “pointed his car towards the Arctic and drove for 600 miles”. 

After arriving in Mallaig – which boasts “a pub, a Co-op, a s*** load of boats” and not a lot else, Phil set sail with several “daytripping boomers” to reach The Old Forge. 

Phil explained: “Inverie is basically just a pub, a little shop and a post office. There’s a community hall, a restaurant for tourists and a brewery, which annoyingly was shut.” 

Phil added due to the pub’s idyllic location there are several holiday rental properties in the village – which he said is “a major source of income for the community.”

After speaking to bar staff, Phil said he was told “people just spawn into the pub in the evening” as visitors “arrive down from the mountains” by Loch Nevis, while sailing boats full of customers looking for a cold pint moor up too.

With a variety of beers to choose from, pricing is in line with more expensive parts of the country at around £5 a pint, while its on-site restaurant offers a decent choice of meals at a reasonable cost. Phil went on to add he “absolutely loved” his trip.

Phil’s 861,000 followers loved his review, with one writing: “That looks like Paradise compared to anywhere in England!” Another wrote: “I did the 18 mile trek to get there and I loved it!”

A third said: “I’ve been here. There were so many instruments on the walls of the pub and all the locals had a sing. It was magical.” And a fourth replied: “What a gorgeous place! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your visit!”

According to The Old Forge’s web site the building “started its life as a cottage built in the 1770’s later becoming a smiddy’s forge, and then over the years developed in to a workers social club and then on to the pub we know and love today.”

It owners add: “The pub went up for sale in 2021, and after some discussion amongst the locals we decided to go for community-ownership bid. The Old Forge Community Benefit Society Ltd was formed and a group of 9 dedicated local volunteers took the project forward. After 14 months of hard graft our dream became a reality.

“On 28th March 2022 the keys for the Forge were handed to the community – and then the hard work really began! We took a couple of weeks to get the place cleaned up, and reopened for our first trading season on 15th April 2022 which was a massive success.

“Community is at the heart of everything we do here, and you don’t have to live on Knoydart to be a part of that. Come along, get the craic, and join the pub family – we’d love to see you.”


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