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Toaster cleaning hack branded 'genius' as people left in disbelief – 'more effective'

A toaster cleaning hack has been branded “genius” as social media users were left baffled by the tip.

Many people can find themselves with a hectic schedule, often struggling to find time to properly maintain their home and tick-off all of those daily chores.

Often, a cluttered home can be so daunting that you don’t even know where to start.

It’s often the simplest and overlooked tasks that can accumulate over time – such as clearing out the crumbs from the bottom of your toaster.

Luckily, one cleaning guru on social media has shared a “genius” tip for getting rid of those pesky toast crumbs in seconds, leaving people in disbelief that they hadn’t thought of it before.

TikTok creator and lifestyle influencer @anna_louisa_at_home understands that life can be busy, so when you do have an extra couple of minutes to spare, there are a few simple and quick chores that you can do, reports the Daily Record.

Anna, who frequently shares cleaning and home hacks on TikTok for her one million followers, has amassed an impressive 753.9k views and counting for a recent video focusing on cleaning jobs that take five minutes or less – with the toaster hack being a particular standout.

The tip, which people in the comments have praised as “genius” and “more effective” than just emptying the tray, is to use a simple hair tool to clear out crumbs in your toaster.

Anna has shared a nifty trick to clean out toasters using a hairdryer, which has left social media users in awe. By gently blowing air into the toaster’s holes, debris is dislodged and collected in the tray at the base.

After emptying and washing the tray, it can be reinserted for a crumb-free toaster.

Social media users have been wowed by the tip. One said: “Omg why have I never thought of the hair dryer,” and another praised: “Hair drying the crumbs off the toaster is genius!”

While another asked: “Why are you blowdrying your toaster?” only to receive the explanation: “To knock all the crumbs down onto the trays that catch them. More effective than just emptying the trays.”

Another user confessed the effectiveness of the method: “It blows out all the crumbs from the toaster! No matter how much I shake and bang it there’s always some left in it,”.

In addition to the toaster tip, Anna suggests a quick wipe down of the hob to remove crumbs or stains, instantly enhancing the kitchen’s cleanliness.

For those without a window vacuum like Anna’s, a simple cloth and surface spray will do the trick on an electric hob.

To tackle stubborn stains, Anna recommends using a cleaning paste and sponge, such as the Pink Stuff paste, to buff the hob to a shine, followed by wiping away any leftover residue.

Lastly, Anna suggested taking a few minutes to unscrew the filters of your oven’s extractor fan, which is the mesh-like component at the front. This task is frequently neglected, but it’s incredibly easy to do.

Simply fill the sink with soapy water and let the filters soak for as long as necessary. If you want to reattach them immediately, you can also scrub them with a dish sponge and some soap.


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