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The beautiful little town in Italy as pretty as Florence or Rome but way less busy

There is a stunning medieval town in Italy that most tourists have never heard of. Gubbio is a small town in the Umbria region of central Italy, located at the base of Mount Ingino in the Apennines.

GroupAccommodation, a holiday let site, said that the town is a “historic marvel that is brimming with impressive ancient sites”.

It is the oldest town in the Umbria region and brilliantly preserved, with standing structures dating back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. 

Gubbio is known as one of the largest and best-preserved medieval towns in Italy, dating back over 1,000 years. It has earned its place in the country’s history books and boasts ancient sites and a fascinating heritage.

The town remains largely undiscovered compared to other cities and towns in Italy’s central region, travellers can peacefully explore its many historical sites undisrupted.

In Gubbio’s centre is the cathedral – a 13th-century fading pink building with baroque frescoes, and the Palazzo dei Consoli – a 12th-century palace that now houses the Civic Museum.

Streets are lined by traditional stone-built sandy-toned buildings with characterful old doors and wooden shutters that are quintessentially Umbrian.

There are also lots of shops to explore, selling everything from local cheese and meat to quality olive oil and fine wine. Gubbio is unique in that where you’d normally find standard souvenir shops you’ll instead find stores selling medieval shields, weapons, and ornaments.

The town is even home to the second-largest surviving Roman theatre, built in roughly 20 BC during Emperor Augustus’ reign. 

The best part of the town is said to be almost death-defying ‘bird cage’ cable car, known as the Funivia. Visitors can travel to the town from the Basilica di Sant’Ubaldo on the mountain, which was mentioned by Dante in his 11th-century Divine Comedy. 

The open-air two-person cable cars, which don’t stop moving as you jump into them, pass over the verdant forest that lines the mountain with views of Gubbio’s medieval skyline dotted with ancient buildings.

In the nearby area is one of Umbria’s most popular destinations – Assisi. The UNESCO World Heritage Site and city of religious significance is known for being the birthplace of the world-renowned St Francis of Assisi.

Gubbio is very accessible, just an hour away from Perugia by car and around two hours from Florence. Both of these nearby cities can be easily reached via direct flights from several airlines across London airports, as well as from wider Europe.


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