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The beautiful European seaside city that looks like it’s about to fall off a cliff

At this time of year, hundreds of Britons are planning their fast-approaching spring and summer holidays.

One destination thousands are planning to travel to are the stunning European seaside towns and villages. However, with so many to choose from, an excellent option is the commune of Bonifacio, which sits on the southern tip of the island of Corsica.

While settlements near Bonifacio date back as far as the prehistoric period, Bonifacio really came into its own in the 9th century when the citadel was built along with the foundations.

This citadel sits in one of two sections the city split into, the old town and the Upper City. Since it was first built, the citadel has been restored and was at one point an administration centre for the French Foreign Legion.

During World War 2, German forces occupied Bonifacio and were forced to retreat by Allied forces who pushed them back to Bastia. Corsica as a whole was liberated by the Allies soon after.

Today, the same imposing structure that struck fear into potential invaders is a local museum telling part of the story of Bonifacio. It sits above a bustling and vibrant harbour that serves thousands of tourists.

The most famous feature of Bonfacio is the cliffs it sits on top of. What makes these cliffs more dramatic is the fact that they have been eroded by the sea over time giving the city the appearance of hanging over the ocean.

Every year, this geographical anomaly hosts the annual Festi Lumi, a light show used to highlight the city’s ancient past. Visit Corsica explained: “From July 4 to 6, the Ancient City lit up to put on one of the Corsican tourist season’s most dazzling events.

“A festival that uses artistic creativity to showcase Bonifacio’s heritage in a new way, through twenty or so illuminated installations. This event takes place in the Citadel only but can be seen from the port since the imposing Bastion de l’Etendard (Flag Bastion) is the backdrop for a monumental projection in changing colours.”

Bonifacio also plays a role in local sporting events with an annual four-day sailing regatta racing close to its famous walls as they slip by over the water.

As a result of its dramatic landscape, Bonifacio has become a fan favourite among travellers.

The Thinking Traveller demonstrated just how tourist-oriented the city has become in recent decades with an explosion in cafes and bars that “spill out onto the pavements and piazzas, craft shops and boutiques show off their colourful wares, and churches, chapels and palazzi provide historical and architectural interest”.

Alongside the cafes and bars, there are also plenty of activities around Bonifacio including the beaches of Iles Lavezzi, the Marine Cemetery, and a variety of boating tours.

Writing about the citadel on TripAdvisor, Malgorzata said: “A short but challenging walk to the medieval citadel. Challenging because of the steep climb to its entrance. Once you get to the top it is hard to be disappointed.

“The views are breathtaking and the citadel is beautiful even though it is crumbling in places. There are enough shops and restaurants to entertain most visitors with very picturesque little streets.”


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