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Tenerife hunger strikers showing 'very alarming' signs as ambulances rush to protesters

The health of six hunger strikers in Tenerife is rapidly deteriorating, sparking concerns among activists and medical professionals alike.

Last night, emergency ambulances rushed to attend to one of the protesters who initiated their hunger strike last Thursday.

Organisers expressed grave concerns, stating that the individual had “dangerously low blood sugar.”

The campaigners, who are demanding an urgent overhaul of the tourism model in Tenerife and the rest of the Canary Islands, have accused the Canary Islands government of neglecting their well-being.

The incident unfolds as nearly 20 groups gear up to protest on Saturday, April 20.

“The hunger striker attended to was stabilised by medics, but the presence of ambulances is expected to become more frequent,” according to Canarias Se Agota, the organising group behind the hunger strike.

They criticised the Canary President, Fernando Clavijo, alleging his indifference towards their demands.

According to reports, the hunger strikers have endured more than 160 hours without food, resulting in significant physical decline. Despite their ailing health, the activists remain resolute.

They said: “Our bodies give way, but our integrity and will are unbreakable. We will not stop until our goal is reached.”

Medical professionals attending to the hunger strikers expressed deep concern over their condition.

One nurse warned: “The data is very alarming. Continuing the strike could lead to irreparable neurological damage and even death.”

The prolonged hunger strike, coupled with extreme weather conditions, has exacerbated the protestor’s precarious situation.

The Canarias Se Agota collective has called on President Clavijo to intervene and address their demands promptly. They demand an immediate cessation of “illegal mega-projects” and the implementation of a tourist moratorium.

Failure to act, they warn, could have dire consequences not only for the health of the hunger strikers but also for the future of the Canary Islands.


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