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Tenerife clampdown as police move in to evict 100 people living in caves near beaches

Tenerife authorities have taken decisive action to remove approximately 100 individuals who were living in makeshift shacks and caves along the island’s southern coast near Granadilla.

The eviction operation, carried out on Thursday, involved a team of 25 officers from the Guardia Civil and the Provincial Coastal Service.

Directed by the Granadilla Council, the operation targeted areas such as La Mareta and Charco del Clérigo, where 45 shacks and caves were dismantled.

Assisting in the cleanup effort were 35 workers from the municipal company Sermugran, who aided in the removal of shacks and waste strewn across the coastline.

A substantial amount of rubbish necessitated the use of eight trucks to restore the area to its pristine state.

Carmen Dolores Rodríguez, the councillor for Security in Granadilla, commended the seamless execution of the operation, attributing its success to the collaborative efforts of the Local Police and the Guardia Civil.

Rodríguez noted that the evacuation order, issued on March 13, had been communicated to the residents in advance, with some already vacating their dwellings prior to the authorities’ arrival.

Most of the individuals affected were European nationals, and no minors were found among them. Only one arrest was made during the eviction process.


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