Home Life & Style Skipping tip for growing strawberry plants means risking disease

Skipping tip for growing strawberry plants means risking disease

When growing strawberries there are some things to keep in mind to ensure the vibrant fruits are juicy, delicious, and healthy.

Taking to the social media platform TikTok, a gardener, Nelli, has shared how to make sure your strawberries thrive and are disease-free.

In an upload to her followers, she said: “If you’re growing strawberries you want to remember that they need well-drained soil and a lot of sun.

“The strawberry plant will produce these little runners which will come off from the main plant.

“This can be rooted in the ground and grown into its own plant.

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“Onion and strawberries grow together really well,” one person said.

With some advice, someone else said: “For anyone having trouble with birds eating your berries; paint rocks to look like strawberries and set them out way before your fruit is ready. They’ll pick at the rocks and determine the fruit ½.”

Another person chimed into the strawberry discussion saying: “My strawberries would grow in cement if they found a weak spot! I been trying to get rid of some and my Raspberries too.”

And grateful for the tips, someone else said: “Great I just looked at mine today. Now I will root mine today. Thanks.”


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