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Russian oil tycoon with ties to Putin found dead in apparent suicide

Vitaly Robertus, the vice president of Lukoil, one of Russia’s leading oil producers, was discovered deceased in his Moscow office on Tuesday, with local reports suggesting a suicide.

According to multiple Russian Telegram channels, including ASTRA and Baza, which has ties to Russia’s security services, Robertus was found “hanged” in his office.

This tragic incident marks at least the fourth death of a high-ranking executive at Lukoil since the commencement of Russia’s war in Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

Reports indicate that Robertus, who had been with the company for approximately 30 years, was found to have succumbed to asphyxia.

Lukoil had earlier released a statement on its website, announcing his sudden demise at the age of 54, although the specific cause of death was not disclosed.

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Allegedly, Robertus had complained of headaches before his passing, as per reports from ASTRA.

Meanwhile, sources cited by the VChK-OGPU outlet, which claims access to insider information from Russian security forces, stated that Robertus did not have any chronic ailments or family issues.

Acquaintances reportedly saw him in good health and sound mind shortly before his demise.


This tragic event follows a series of deaths among top Lukoil executives in recent years. Lukoil, which publicly criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in March 2022, has seen several key figures pass away under mysterious circumstances.

In May 2022, former top manager Alexander Subbotin died at age 44, reportedly from a heart attack, following an episode of severe intoxication.

In September 2022, chairman Ravil Maganov died after falling from a hospital window, and in October 2023, board chairman Vladimir Nekrasov passed away from acute heart failure.


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