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Remove mould overnight with expert’s £1.25 item – will make your house smell amazing too

Mould can be a painstaking task to tackle – but there’s an easy way to get rid of it while also making your house smell amazing.

Mould happens when there is moisture build-up from water vapour and condensation on windows and if it isn’t treated properly it can lead to some unwanted and serious health issues.

Bathroom experts at Posh.co.uk explained that bathrooms are a haven for mould due to the “lack of ventilation” and “high humidity levels”.

Instead of reaching for a bottle of bleach to use on mould, there is another solution that will not leave a toxic smell behind.

Essential oils have many different benefits and are known for making your home smell incredible, and now people have been using them as a way to help remove mould – particularly tea tree oil, reports the Mirror.

Andy Ellis at Posh said: “A small amount of mould around the shower can easily spread if nothing is done to clean it.

“Soon your walls, shower drain and even your window ledge may start to harbour the stubborn black fungus.”

He urged homeowners to be “mindful” about what products they use to avoid “damaging paintwork and tiles”.

The bathroom expert recommended just using tea tree oil to tackle the annoying mould.

He instructed: “Pour tea tree oil onto a cotton pad and dab it around the window ledge and on the glass itself. Leave it to rest overnight and wipe it down afterwards with a microfibre cloth.”

Tea tree oil is great because it’s a natural antibacterial, so it’s safer than strong chemicals and will make your bathroom smell lovely.

This essential oil can be picked up from the Online Pound Store for £1.25 or from Amazon for £1.99.

Andy also shared a nifty hack for lifting those tough spots of mould on your shower screen – and that’s to use lemons.

He explained: “Many household cleaning products can ruin the shower screen but using a 30p lemon can help scrub mould off without damaging the surface.”

For this method, douse a sponge with the lemon and scrub the screen in a circular motion.


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