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Remove gravel weeds with 65p item gardeners claim ‘works way better than white vinegar’

Weeds don’t just invade patio paths and driveways, they are also partial to growing in gravelled areas.

Many types of weeds love growing in this area. From henbits and chickweed to crabgrass and dandelions, weeds have absolutely no guilt popping in places they’re not welcome.

With spring on the way, if you don’t want to spend countless hours plucking out weeds, it’s important to act fast so they don’t take over your gravel.

Unsure of how to tackle the weeds growing on their gravelled pathway, one woman took to the Gardening UK Hints and Tips Facebook page to ask for advice.

She wasn’t sure whether she should use a chemical weedkiller on them with the possibility of rain just around the corner.

Posting a picture of the weeds growing through her gravelled path, Angel Choco said: “Hi folks, is it worth putting down weed killer on my gravel now or would the rain just dilute any solutions?

“Also wondering if anyone uses bleach solutions to kill weeds. I have a gravel driveway and hate using Resolva or Roundup due to the bad press of it causing health issues. Thanks.”

Group members were urging Angel to “avoid bleach at all costs” and instead rich for something she may already have in her kitchen cupboards.

Kdc Jane wrote: “Use salt and hot water. The salt kills the plants and the hot water will help the weeds absorb the salt quicker and also help kill the weeds.  

“My driveway used to be covered in weeds, I now have the odd weed growing up. I originally did a one-to-one ratio when the weeds were bad.

“However, I struggled to get the salt to dissolve in that amount of water so reduced it to one to two salt to water. Now I quickly pour salt on the weeds and then pour water on them later when I remember.”

Judi Murphy explained: “I use salt and water as it works way better and faster than white vinegar. I was told about it about three years ago and I have been using it since. 

“I buy the big cheap bags of salt and dissolve half a bag in hot water. I add a little lemon washing up liquid and I have a separate red watering can. One can to half a bag.

“Don’t use it on anything you don’t want to kill off though because it will kill plants and grass. 

“I put it on the gravel areas and over the slabs twice a year and apart from the odd weed or bit of grass through the slabs, it works.”

Judi noted that she also found that using this method over the last three years, “less and less weeds are coming back”.

Salt is very inexpensive and can be picked up from local supermarkets like Asda and Morrisons for just 65p.


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