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Readers sound off on Muslims’ contributions, Black voters and municipal union leadership

Islam has played a vital role in human history

Briarwood: In view of the present American, Jewish and Christian Islamophobia, we must reflect on some of the contributions of Islam to Western scholarship.

Al-Khowarizmi of the Baghdad, Iraq, Caliph Al-Ma’mum (813-833 A.D.) in “Al-Jabr” (or “The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing) developed a system for solutions of quadratic equations. Algebrae in Latin is a transliteration of Al-Jabr. Also see the works of Abu-Kamil and al-Karaji. Abu Ali al-Hussain in Abdallah ibn Sina (Avicenna), the Prince of Physicians (medicorum principes, according to Catholic Latin scholars) in “Kitab al-Shifa” (Book of Healing) formulated the principle of St. Thomas Aquinas of the immateriality of human abstract ideas and the spirituality of the human soul. Avicenna’s medical works were standard textbooks in European medical schools.

Further, Islam adheres to the Christian doctrine of the ascension of Jesus Christ into Heaven: “Remember what God said, ‘O Jesus! I will take you and raise you up to Myself. I will deliver you from those who disbelieve and elevate your followers above the disbelievers until the Day of Judgment.’ ” (al-Quran 3:55).

The state of Israel is a Western-financed and militarily armed settler-colonialist apartheid government occupying Palestine, displacing 2 million and murdering Arab Palestinian Christians and Muslims. Jesus, in absolute submission to the will of God, was a Muslim by definition of Islam. All American military aid to Israel must be terminated and Palestine must be a free and sovereign state. Joseph N. Manago

Ancient history

Manhattan: A short history lesson. Jesus was born Jewish and lived in Israel. The Jews have been in Israel for 3,000 years. They only left when the Romans came in and stole the land from the Jews and renamed the land Palestine. It was called Canaan and the Jews lived there for centuries before there was a group called the Palestinians. Edward Drossman

Legitimate mission

Atlanta: Voicer Steven Davies is correct. Hamas wouldn’t have been able to inflict the Oct. 7 atrocities on Israeli men, women and children if Israeli military officials hadn’t ignored the warnings coming from Israel’s border watchers. I hope those responsible have learned their lesson. But there is no way to guarantee that such attacks will never occur again, especially considering that Gazans who had been granted permission to work in Israel helped Hamas carry out its attacks, which were celebrated by many Palestinians living under Hamas administration. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call for the demilitarization of Gaza and the deradicalization of the Palestinians is the best way to protect Israelis and Gazans. It is definitely not a call for the extermination of the people or even all members of Hamas. Toby F. Block

Party shift

Cincinnati: Re “Protest and the pursuit of happiness” (op-ed, May 24): It is difficult for Jews to be happy while antisemitism boomerangs across these fruited plains. Just as minority voters are reassessing allegiance to the Democratic Party, perhaps Jews should as well. American Jews vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. My mishpocha is a classic example; my parents and all close relatives hewing to the party line even when it hurt their own interests, as if other Democrats would grant them extra credit for voting for those who disdain them. Burgeoning antisemitism and threats to extinguish Jewish life in Israel offer a new perspective, especially as the party we have called home for a lifetime has now formed a small but vocal group of officeholders and followers antithetical to our interests. As Hillel the Elder said: If I am not for myself, who is for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when? Paul Bloustein

The Black vote

Bronx: Some Black Americans are dissatisfied with President Biden and say they may not vote in the presidential election. What a paradox! Historically, Blacks have fought and died for the right to vote. Not voting is a vote for Donald Trump, who thinks that Black nations are s—hole countries and has only contempt and disrespect for Black women. Biden’s legislative accomplishments are unprecedented. Millions of Black Americans suffer from diabetes, and Biden was able to get insulin prices at an affordable level. His use of executive power helped reduce student debt and he is using his power as president to cap credit card interest rate at 8%. Republicans would never dream of these initiatives. Democrats, if you don’t support 100%, Trump will be reelected and you will have to accept blame for this divisive stupidity. Gilbert M. Lane


Port Jefferson, L.I.: I am outraged, not shocked, at Gov. Hochul calling Bronx Trump supporters a bunch of clowns. Well, she just showed her true colors. She is now in the category of Hillary Clinton, who called Trump supporters a basket of deplorables. She described herself to a T — and it’s the reason she will never hold office again. We must remember those evil, degraded comments when election time comes around. The only way we take back our country and N.Y. is to remove these elected liberal trash and put them to the curb where they belong. Grace Fornatora

Perjury swerve

Orange, Conn.: There should be no wondering why Trump’s attorneys did not want Mr. Pants On Fire to testify at his criminal trial. In researching his history of lies and half-lies during just his four years as president, the numbers showed a totally out-of-control pathological liar. The cottage industry he helped create fact-checked 30,573 lies and half-truths he uttered at that time alone. Add in the blatant lies and gross misrepresentations he has uttered since then, and the numbers would likely double. In putting Mr. T on the stand to defend the charges against him, the jury would have front-row seats to a spectacle one could never have imagined. Lying under oath would have put him away for eons. His attorneys saved his butt. Wishful thinking? We can only imagine. Fred Portoff

All in the family

Brooklyn: To Voicer Steve Chaddock: Are you still drinking the red Kool-Aid? Demon-spawn Donny had never attended a wake or funeral for any first responder, or anyone else, for that matter. This was purely politically motivated, nothing more. President Biden’s fundraiser was planned months in advance, and you have to know the time, effort and planning for the president to be anywhere! Donny was invited by the family to the funeral (only God knows why), and he spent his entire time there shucking his false promises and lies. Any sane New Yorker knows his family is nothing but lying, scamming grifters and always has been. It goes back to grandpa Frederick (possibly further back) who was kicked out of Germany for not being in the military. Dad Fred didn’t fall far from the family tree, and it continues with current generations. Susan Cassano

Unconnected deaths

Malverne, L.I.: To Voicer Adam Reich: No Capitol Police officers died on or after Jan. 6 as a result of any enforcement actions taken on that day. This can be fact-checked if you like! The reports that police officers died during the riots on Jan. 6 have been misinformation peddled by the news media in the early reporting of the riots that was never corrected! When making points from either side of the aisle, it is important to be truthful and state facts. Dave Kalin

Hung out to dry

Bellerose: Thank you Mayor Adams, DC37’s Henry Garrido, UFT’s Michael Mulgrew, the MLC and all the greedy city officials on it that are trying to prioritize for-profit Aetna management plans over city retirees. As people who are elected to help citizens, not throw them into the for-profit health plans — which are so bad that most doctors and hospitals don’t want to deal with them. You have lost three court cases with rulings in favor of the retirees, and still continue to contest the results using taxpayer dollars in the name of saving money. Guess you need more money to supply illegals with cell phones, iPads, moped etc. on the backs of retirees who’ve worked 57 years and were promised Medicare. We didn’t work those years to reward people who have not given a dime to help run this city. Prioritize the ones that are in their senior years and need more help, not less. It’s disgraceful! Kathleen Lucas


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