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NS&I announces Premium Bonds winners for April – check if you have won £1million

The Premium Bonds prize winners for April have been announced – including the two jackpot winners for £1million.

The first £1million prize went to a saver from Durham with the winning Bond 466HE388102, which they purchased when they bought £47,000 in Bonds in August 2021.

A person from the Mid Scotland and Fife area won the other £1million top prize, with winning Bond 337EP023809.

They purchased their winning Bond in August 2018 when they bought £10,000 in Bonds.

Turning to the other top prize winners, one lucky person from Suffolk took home £100,000 despite previously having just £300 in Bonds.

Another saver from Buckinghamshire won £100,000 for a winning Bond that they purchased almost 30 years ago, in November 1996.

One winner in the April draw from Somerset won £50,000 despite previously having just £100 in Premium Bonds.

Each £1 Bond has an equal chance of winning in the monthly prize draw with winning Bonds chosen at random.

A person may win multiple prizes in a single draw as more than one of their Bonds may be chosen to win a prize.

Savers can increase their chances of winning by buying more Bonds up to the holding limit of £50,000.

A man previously spoke of his frustration trying to close his mum’s NS&I Premium Bonds account after a 15-month wait.

He said on X in a message to the provider: “As an attorney, I sold all my mum’s Premium Bonds and requested the account be closed.

“15 months later and countless phone calls, it is still open. What is going on? Why can’t you simply close the account as requested?”

An NS&I representative said in response: “Whilst an auto-deletion of an account isn’t an instant process, you can exercise your rights to data erasure at any time.

“We can accept a request for data erasure via phone or email, but for security reasons, we can’t take your details on social media to complete the request.

“Please email us at customerenquiries@nsandi.com with the subject “Rights to data erasure”, or call us on 08085 007007 and an agent will gladly assist you with exercising your rights to erasure.”

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