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'My dad killed my rapist on live TV – but I wouldn't trade my life for anything'

Jody Plauche has detailed how his life is different now

Four decades after the horrific rape, abuse and kidnapping he endured, Jody Plauche detailed how his life is different. (Image: @jplauche/Twitter)

Jody Plauche has managed to turn his life around after enduring horrific abuse and witnessing his father murder his rapist karate instructor on live television more than 40 years ago.

Jody is now thriving and uses his experiences to help others by sharing his story through a new book, speeches and other events, hoping to encourage other young men to share their stories too.

His father, Gary Plauche, shot and killed Jeff Doucet, Jody’s karate instructor, on live TV. This happened after Doucet was brought back to Louisiana from California, following two years of terrible abuse and rape that ended with Jody being kidnapped in February 1984.

Jody and his siblings joined Doucet’s karate class when Jody was in fifth grade in 1983. It was then that Doucet started grooming him and his family, while also sexually assaulting young Jody, which eventually led to rape.

“I guess I passed his test, so he started [raping] me,” Jody said. The dreadful abuse continued from March 1983 until February 1984, when Doucet kidnapped 11 year old Jody, reports the Mirror US.

According to Jody, Doucet owed money and had a court date coming up. So, he decided to run away and took Jody with him, as he had been his “love interest for the past year”.

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Jody Plauche with his friend, comedian Jim Norton

Jody Plauche with his friend, comedian Jim Norton (Image: @jplauche/Twitter)

On a winter day in 1984, Doucet’s brother dropped him off at Jody’s house. He asked Jody’s mum if he could borrow their car because he didn’t have one and needed to help another student’s parents with carpet fitting.

Jody’s mum agreed but told them to be back before the day ended. But Doucet had a different plan.

He drove Jody to his brother’s house in Gonzalez, Louisiana, picked up some stuff, and then went to his mum’s house in Port Arthur, Texas.

The next day, they visited Doucet’s uncle in Vinton, Louisiana, where they borrowed money for bus tickets. They told Doucet’s worried mum that they would drop Jody off in Baton Rouge on their way to New York City.

Instead, the two caught a bus from another town on the Texas-Louisiana border, Orange, all the way to Los Angeles, California – a long and scary journey of 2,000 miles. Once they got there, they did some sightseeing, Jody remembers, before finally booking a hotel room just outside Disneyland in Anaheim a few days later.

That’s where, on Feb. 29, 1984, Doucet was caught after Jody was allowed to make a collect call to his mum.

Jody Plauche's life has evolved

Jody Plauche with his kidnapper and rapist, 25-year-old Jeff Doucet. (Image: YouTube)

A member of the Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Department had been listening in, and he asked the operator to tell him where the call came from, saying it was a kidnapping. She told him, and the police broke down the door of the hotel room minutes later, arresting Doucet.

Eventually, he was sent back to Louisiana after it was found out that he had been abusing Jody. Gary heard about the extradition from a local TV reporter, and he arrived at the airport, a gun hidden in his boot, ready to do what he felt needed to be done.

When the camera lights turned on and Doucet walked past, Gary – who was on the phone with his best friend on an open line on the payphone behind him – aimed and shot Doucet in the head point-blank on live TV.

Blood splattered from the wound and Doucet collapsed just as authorities escorting him apprehended Gary, arrested him for attempted second-degree murder, and transported him to jail.

Doucet perished after a short coma the following day, and the allegations against Gary escalated to second-degree murder. Notably, Gary spent only three evenings in confinement Friday, March 16, when he was detained, until the ensuing Monday, after settling his bail fee.

He subsequently received a suspended seven-year sentence, 300 hours of community service, and five years of probation.

In 1991, Jody embarked on his talk-show debut, recounting his harrowing experience.

Following its broadcast, he spoke with the Baton Rouge sheriff, who attributed his interview to the emergence of another adolescent, propelled to disclose his abuse at the hads of a local pastor. Subsequently, the pastor was charged with molestation.

“That’s the moment where I decided that I’m going to keep raising awareness. I’m going to keep speaking out, and hopefully, I can make a difference,” Jody reflected, igniting his trajectory as a public advocate and activist. He has forged connections with various luminaries, such as Little Richard, Peggy Sue, Shaquille O’Neal, and notably his cherished comedian and confidant, Jim Norton.

Jody wrote a book,'Why Gary Why?: The Jody Plauche Story'

CAPTION: Why Gary Why? Book cover (Image: Contributed)

He said his life turned out great despite the bad things that happened. He wants to help others who have been hurt.

“I hope to let victims know that if you’ve been through something like that, with the proper support, you can be OK,” he shared. “You can turn your life around. You’re not scarred for life. You’re not damaged goods. Your innocence – that may have been taken, but for the most part, you’re going to be OK.”

He wrote a book called “Why Gary Why? : The Jody Plauche Story,” about what he went through. People who read it say it’s really good.

Jody felt sad in the summer of 1984, but he got better and started dating in high school. Now, he’s happy about how much he’s grown.

He always thinks about Gary, his dad, who died in October 2014.

Jody is pictured from his days playing football in high school

Jeff Doucet had been assaulting Jody Plauche for approximately a year before he abducted the boy (Image: YouTube)

“I wouldn’t trade my life,” he said. “Knowing how it turned out, I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.”

On March 16, the day something big happened a long time ago, he’ll be in Austin, Texas.

He’s going there because his godson and his brother are having a party before one of them gets married.

Jody is going to see his friend Jim Norton at Joe Rogan’s Comedy Mothership, a place where people tell jokes in Austin.

“This isn’t something I’m going to be spending sitting around moping [about] – no, I’m spending it at the [Comedy Mothership] with my favourite comedian,” Jody said.


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