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Michael Mosley missing: TV doctor's family given urgent appeal as search continues

The son of a man who went missing on a Greek island in 2019 has urged Dr Michael Mosley’s family not to give up their search, emphasizing that “human beings don’t just vanish”.

TV doctor Michael Mosley disappeared on Wednesday while on holiday on the Greek island of Symi. He went for a walk from Saint Nikolas Beach and has not been seen since, prompting a large-scale search operation involving divers, police, firefighters, and sniffer dogs.

CCTV images have surfaced showing Mosley half an hour after he left the beach before he vanished.

Rescuers describe the search as a “race against time”.

The case bears striking similarities to that of John Tossell, a 78-year-old man from Bridgend, who disappeared on the Greek island of Zakynthos five years ago this month.

Tossell was on the third day of his holiday with his partner, Gillian, when he disappeared after a walk to visit a monastery on Mount Skopos. Despite an extensive search, Tossell remains missing.

“When I read the story it’s like a cut and paste of my father,” Gary Tossell, John Tossell’s son, told Sky News. “He went for a walk and he vanished into thin air. As a family, we got together and said this is surreal. It’s the same story but a different person.”

Gary expressed deep empathy for the Mosley family, saying: “I wish nothing but love to the Mosley family as I know exactly what they’re going through and it must be awful for them out there at the minute. I want to tell them not to give up.”

The Tossell family has never stopped searching for John but suspects foul play or third-party involvement. 

An investigative crime journalist with a TV show in Greece, “Fos sto Tounel” (Light in the Tunnel), picked up John Tossell’s case but was unable to uncover new information. The Tossell family has continued to push for a criminal probe and urged anyone who visited Zakynthos in June 2019 to check their holiday photos for any sign of John.

As the search for Michael Mosley continues, his family remains hopeful, and authorities urge anyone with information to reach out.


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