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Lawns will grow ‘healthier’ and ‘greener’ this April with Monty Don’s important mowing tip

Now that the clocks have gone forward, many gardeners will be getting their lawnmowers out to tackle lawns that may look worse for wear after winter. 

However, gardeners everywhere can rejoice as Monty Don has explained that his ultimate lawn care tip for April is actually to mow less and only gradually cut the grass down until summer. 

On his blog, Monty wrote: “I am all for mowing as little as possible. That will mean different things to different people but long grass is one of the best environments for a huge diversity of wildlife in the garden.” 

He added: “Long grass with flowers from bulbs, perennials and annuals is as beautiful as anything else you might grow.”

However, Monty also acknowledged that there are people who may wish for a tidier lawn for appearance’s sake or if they have children wanting a play area, and suggested only having a small cut-down patch in the garden. 

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Monty advised: “To satisfy the clatter – very important – it is good to have a patch of mown grass where not only [children] can play but everyone can lounge and sprawl and enjoy the short grass between their toes. 

“But try and restrict the mowing as much as possible. In our garden we have reduced it right down to mown paths in the long grass.”

If you do begin trimming your lawn, Monty has said that less is more when it comes to lawn care at this time of year and only slowly cut down grass over time.

He said: “Whatever your grass-cutting inclinations, resist the temptation to scalp your grass down to its midsummer height. 

“Set the blades high and just trim the grass for the first few weeks as much to even it out as to reduce it.  

“Then, as the weather gets warmer and the grass starts to grow more strongly, gradually reduce the height over a few weeks but always keeping it slightly on the long side. This will result in a much healthier, greener sward.” 

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When cutting grass for the first time since winter, raise the lawnmower blades to the highest settings which will help avoid scalping the grass. 

Then, gradually lower the blades over spring and you will have a lusher and greener lawn once summer arrives. 

Any leftover grass should also be added to your compost heap due to its high nitrogen content, which is essential for spring fertilisers to give flowers and plants in the garden a much-needed boost as they are growing. 

Monty said: “Add all clippings to the compost heap but mix it well with dry, brown material like straw or cardboard which will stop it becoming a wet, green sludge.”


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