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King Charles has designed two houses you can buy today for a modest price

King Charles, in collaboration with the Prince’s Foundation, designed two modular houses that have today been listed for auction on eBay.

These homes, conceived during the tenure of the current monarch when he was Prince of Wales, boast distinctive designs tailored with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

The ‘Natural House’ and the ‘Arts & Crafts House’ were created for the Ideal Home Show and come fully equipped with premium-grade fixtures and fittings.

Starting at a bid of £100,000, these homes are ready for installation on any suitable plot of land across the country.

Originally showcased as the focal point of the Ideal Home Village, the ‘Natural House’ presents an eco-conscious alternative for large-scale house builders.

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Crafted from natural materials using traditional building techniques, it incorporates a steel frame construction.

This property has been prefabricated off-site and is primed for delivery to any location across the UK.

Designed by an architect and approved by royalty, the house has undergone evaluation according to the Code for Sustainable Homes, achieving a Level 4 rating.

The Arts & Crafts House stands as a pioneering eco-home, a product of collaboration between The Prince’s Foundation and expert craftsmen.

Built with meticulous attention to detail and using premium materials, it garnered the approval of His Royal Highness upon completion.

Inspired by the 19th-century arts and crafts movement, this residence showcases stained glass windows, ornate ironwork, lino-cut wallpaper, timber flooring, and traditional joinery.

Its aesthetic is further enhanced by decorative stencilling, handcrafted English tiles, and a slate kitchen worktop sourced from England’s last remaining slate quarry.

This spacious, four-bedroom detached property spans two stories beneath a pitched slate roof.

Sustainability lies at its core, aiming to provide a living space that is not only comfortable and exquisitely crafted but also affordable.

Crafted from clay, wood, lime, and wool, the house boasts an efficient shell that ensures warmth in winter and a cool, airy atmosphere during summer months.


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