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Keep pigeons away from your garden with old junk items they think are dangerous

Pigeons often stay in gardens where they can find seeds, crops or even scraps to eat, but it is very easy to scare them away using only junk items you likely already have in your home. 

Sally, a bird expert from Diamond Pest Control has shared that pigeons are frightened by shiny surfaces as they reflect sunlight, which creates flashes that will startle them. 

She said: “These birds are easily scared away by reflective materials. These materials reflect the sun, which gets in the birds’ eyes and makes them fly away. 

“For example, you can use pie tins, mirrors, old CDs or pieces of glass. Placing or hanging these items around your outdoor areas should do the trick.” 

Not only will pigeons be scared by the flashes of light but shiny objects will also move and create noise on windy days, which pigeons can interpret as a potential threat as they do not like unknown sounds of movements.

If you do have any old CDs or DVDs around your home then you can also buy special pigeon deterrent shiny ribbons which you can tie around your garden for the same effect. 

Another thing to consider is buying statues of owls, as pigeons will avoid areas where they believe predator birds are nesting. 

Sally said: “Something else that is supposed to work well is animal statues, especially owls. You see, owls are predator birds.”

The stillness of an owl statue can scare pigeons as they can interpret the lack of movement as a sign of vigilance or readiness to attack, but you can also buy ones that move. 

Sally added: “If pigeons think an owl Is on your roof or in your garden, they will quickly leave. In fact, you can actually buy owl statues online. 

“Some of these statues are powered by solar panels, which allow their heads to move. Others even have flashing LED eyes which also add to the effect when scaring pigeons.”

These are just some ways to keep these pesky birds, but it is important to note that while pigeons are easily frightened they are also clever and can figure out that certain deterrents are safe with enough time. 

The best way to stop pigeons from eating your plants is to try out different techniques and discover what works best around your garden.

Other ways to keep pigeons is to plant white flowers around your garden or use natural remedies such as peppermint oil and citronella. 

Although pigeons can be annoying to deal with it is important to always treat them humanely as they are a part of the local environment. 

Under the UK’s Wildlife and Countryside Act it is illegal to harm, kill or disturb the nests of birds, which is why non-lethal and natural methods are the best way to deter pigeons from your garden. 


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