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Joe Biden bizarrely says he will fly US citizens to Moscow in latest senile moment

Joe Biden bizarrely joked that he would fly citizens to Moscow during his State of the Union speech on Thursday, as he lamented the high cost of prescriptions in the US.

The US President pointed to major cities outside the US with dramatically lower prices, before appearing to say “Moscow” by mistake.

He then quipped that even in Putin’s Russia the price of prescriptions would be lower than in America.

“I’m going to get in trouble for saying that, but anyone who wants to get in Air Force One with me and fly to Toronto, Berlin, Moscow, excuse me, well even Moscow probably,” Biden told lawmakers.

“Bring your prescription with you and I promise you I’ll get it for you for 40 percent of the cost you’re paying now. Same company. Same drug. Same price.”

Biden kicked off the speech as he ramped up his criticism of GOP front-runner Donald Trump claiming he was undermining freedom and democracy at home and abroad.

The speech from the House chamber, delivered eight months before the 2024 presidential election, was a high-stakes event for Biden as he tries to convince voters to elect him once again.

This comes as Biden faces a recent string of challenges in the race, including concerns about his age and mental capacity, and the “uncommitted” mass protest vote in Michigan last week, ahead of a rematch with Trump in November.

He began his speech by targeting his “predecessor” – Trump’s name was not even mentioned once – for pushing US allies abroad away and for embracing anti-democratic ideas at home.

“Freedom and democracy are under attack and both at home and overseas at the very same time,” said, before asking Congress to support Ukraine in its war with Russia.

“History is watching,” he warned.

Referencing the January 6, 2021 riot at the US Capitol, Biden said: “My predecessor, and some of you here, seek to bury the truth about January 6.

“I will not do that. This is a moment to speak the truth and to bury the lies. Here’s a simple truth. You can’t love your country only when you win.”

Biden then spent the remaining portion of his speech talking about different policies and issues, including the Israel-Hamas war, Ukraine, immigration, abortion rights and the federal deficit.

Trump offered live commentary on Truth Social, slamming Biden and his speech, which he branded the “Angriest Least Compassionate, and Worst State of the Union Speech ever made.”



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