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'I'm a gastroenterologist – try these five foods for quick relief from constipation'

A gastroenterologist has revealed five natural remedies that could pose as a “quick relief” for constipation.

Dr Joseph Salhab, a board-certified gastroenterologist, took to his TikTok in a response to a woman who complained of persistent constipation.

The woman confessed that she’s been suffering from the uncomfortable problem for five days and asked for advice.

The doctor said: “If you’re really constipated and need some quick relief, here are few things you can try.

“Few natural things to help you get going will include taking two kiwi fruits with our without the skin, but the skin gives you extra fibre.”

Kiwi isn’t the only fruit that could come to the rescue, as the gastroenterologist also recommended eating the following:

  • Prunes or drinking prune juice
  • Dragon fruit
  • Apples
  • Pears.

Dr Salhab explained that these fruits contain natural compounds that could help stimulate bowel movements.

Apart from fruits, other good sources of fibre that could get things going include vegetables and whole grains.

If you’re looking for some medication to tackle constipation, Dr Salhab also suggested some products you can get over the counter.

He said: “Some pharmaceutical options include magnesium oxide or a liquid bottle of magnesium citrate. Taking a short course of MiraLAX, which is what’s in some colonoscopy preparations, and some hot tea with senna [could also work].

“Both the warm water and senna combined can be a powerful laxative.”

Once you’re ready to pay a visit to the toilet, the gastroenterologist also advised putting your feet on a stool, which could help with an easier passage.

In a previous interview with Express.co.uk, Michelle Geraghty-Corns, founder of Eternal Being, explained that constipation can be triggered by a number of reasons, including diet, stress, dehydration, gut allergies, medication, and lack of movement.

A lack of fibre in the diet is a common occurrence that can stir up the painful problem, with only one in five Britons aware of the daily fibre recommendation and how to include more of the carbohydrate in their diets.

Fortunately, adding more fibre to your diet and drinking plenty of fluids could help tackle painful pooping.

The NHS recommends seeing a GP if you are constipated and it’s not getting better with treatment or if you experience this problem regularly.


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