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‘I’m a car expert – motorists must visit a mechanic immediately if they hear this noise’

Petrol and diesel drivers should visit their garage immediately if they hear a simple noise coming from underneath their car, according to a leading expert.

Damian Maginn, director of Wessex Vans, has warned a “persistent chattering sound” could be the sign of a little-known issue which needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

He stressed the noise could be a damaged constant velocity (CV) joint which helps power the vehicle’s wheels.

The worse CV damage gets, the more expensive it is likely to be when it comes to replacing the stricken parts.

This means road users need to act quickly and seek help when they can to avoid costly repair bills as families continue to battle the cost of living crisis.

Damian said: “Your car might not complain verbally, but it will definitely communicate problems through strange noises. One to listen out for is a persistent chattering sound coming from underneath the car, especially when you accelerate.

“This could be a sign of worn or damaged constant velocity (CV) joints, which are vital for transmitting power to the wheels.

“Ignoring a CV joint problem can lead to a costly breakdown, so get it checked out by a mechanic to avoid getting stranded.”

CV joints allow power to be transferred from the car’s engine to the wheels and play a vital role in the transmission system.

The joints are usually found on front-wheel drive cars but can also be found on rear-wheel and four-wheel drive models.

According to motoring experts at Halfords, CV joints will “accumulate wear over time”.

They warn that damaged or worn CV joints can lead to a loss of drive in a major safety risk for road users.

Halfords stressed some road users may get away with replacing only some parts of the CV joints, savings a lot of money in the garage.

However, some road users will not notice an issue until the part has completely worn with a full replacement costing hundreds of pounds.

They explained: “It’s hard to say the exact cost of replacement CV joints, as it will depend on the make and model of your car, and the extent of the damage.

“If you find a boot is damaged before the joint itself has been compromised, then you can often simply replace the boot and repack the joint with grease, avoiding a full replacement.

“However, in most cases, you won’t notice that the boot has split before the joint has been damaged, so you’ll need a full CV joint replacement.”


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