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'I'm 67 but look 20 years younger – here are 3 easy moves to blast fat'

As we get older it becomes more difficult to stay in shape. Not only does our metabolism slow down but we can find we have less energy, making exercise more difficult.

Injuries and aches and pains that come with ageing can also hinder attempts to workout. But it is still important to do as much physical activity as we can.

Regular exercise can help keep the heart strong and lower the risk for problems such as diabetes and fatty liver disease. It can also keep us at a healthy weight and reduce the amount of fat on our bodies.

One fitness expert who doesn’t let her age get in the way of her workouts is Denise Austin, a professional fitness coach who has worked in the industry for 40 years.

At 67, the exercise pro is still sharing the best routines for keeping fit with her fans, many of whom can’t believe her age.

In one video, shared on social media platform TikTok, she revealed three “easy” fat burning moves we can all do to lose weight.

And the best part about her routine is the fact that no equipment is required, meaning it can be done at home every day.

The workout: step-by-step

“Here are three easy fat burning moves, the first one is the tick tock,” Denise said.

For the first move she lifted one arm high into the air and stuck out the opposite leg to the side.

She then hopped slightly and swapped arms and legs.

Denise said: “You lift your legs, and your arms stretch and tone – you got it.”

She continued: “The second one is my favourite – the punches.”

Denise stretched one arm across her body while lunging back on the leg of the same side.

She twisted round to do it again with the opposite arm and leg.

“Reach out, get low, use your leg muscles, they burn calories faster,” she said.

Denise added: “And the third one, tap behind. Work your arms and your booty and keep your heart rate up.”

Carrying out a similar lunging pattern with her legs this time she swung her arms back behind her body with every step.

Her followers were impressed by both her workout and her appearance.

One commented: “How old are you now? 25 or 30? You never age, pretty lady.”

“I have been a fan for many years,” another said. “Enjoyed daily workout and everything else. ICON”

One viewer added: “I love these exercises! Not too hard but effective!”


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