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How Tori Kelly’s ‘crazy’ blood clot health scare influenced new album (EXCLUSIVE)

Tori Kelly is back with a new album, tour, and “feel good” music after a recent health scare landed her in the hospital.

Last Friday, the Grammy winner released her new self titled album “TORI”, which shesays was in part influenced by her “crazy” medical emergency.

“I had this crazy health scare back in July. And so that was like a whirlwind,” Kelly told the Daily News. “This happened so suddenly and was super scary for myself, and my friends and family. Everyone was like, ‘What in the world?’ Thankfully, I had these incredible doctors.”

After completing the album last summer, the singer-songwriter says the unexpected hospitalization was an “overwhelming time” that inspired her to write her new single “high water.”

“That song is so layered for me,” she told The News. “I’m really diving deep into this harder place, and coming out on the other side of it with hope. And I think I decided to name [the album] ‘TORI’ for that very reason.”

She added, “That health scare really prompted me to write a song that I would have wanted to listen to while I was going through that hard time.”

In July of 2023, the “Dear No One” singer collapsed at dinner and was rushed to the hospital where doctors discovered blood clots around her lungs and in her legs.

It came as a shock to Kelly, who still doesn’t quite know what caused it.

“The doctors didn’t necessarily know why. All I know now is that I’m feeling great and healthy and on the other side of it.”

Thankfully, Kelly had a speedy recovery and says she’s just “grateful for life.” The “Nobody love” singer feels “amazing” and says fans can expect a “burst of energy” on her North American concert tour, which begins on Apr. 12 in Ventura, Calif. and features a stop in NYC on Oct. 16.

“While I was in the studio, I was already picturing the live versions of all the songs. I’ve just been ready to hit the road. I think it’s a lot more energy than my previous tours.”

As for her health scare’s impact on her personal life. Kelly says, “I think I’m really trying to live in the moment more and not take anything or anyone for granted. I think I’m holding my people a little closer.”

She added: “Life is life is fragile, you know? There’s certain things we really don’t have control over. And I just want to make sure I’m living in a way that I can I can look back and be proud of it.”


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