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How to remove limescale stains from bathroom taps immediately – and it's only 15p

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing unsightly stains on your taps, especially when the rest of your kitchen or bathroom is sparkling clean.

It always seems to be the tap that gets dirty first, often due to limescale which can be hard to remove.

But don’t worry, an expert has shared a simple cleaning hack to get rid of these unpleasant marks and make your tap look brand new.

What’s more, it only costs 15p to do so as it involves using a cut lemon.

James Elston, a home maintenance and heating expert from Boiler Central, says that dealing with hard water “doesn’t have to be a losing battle,” reported The Mirror.

He said: “Using a cut lemon on taps is an excellent method for not only removing them but also infusing a delightful freshness to your kitchen.”

Britons can buy lemons from Sainsbury’s or Tesco for 30p each, so half a lemon costs just 15p.

This makes it a very affordable solution – without the need for pricey chemical cleaners that might not work as well.

Just cut the lemon in half and simply rub it on your tap. Make sure to get all the bits where the hard water marks are.

“Allow the natural acidity of the lemon to work its magic,” said James, and this will make your taps shiny again.

If you’ve got some really tough stains, James recommended leaving the lemon juice on for a few minutes before wiping it away.

This helps “the citric acid can penetrate deeper” and gets rid of the “persistent deposits”.

Lemons have citric acid which is a gentle cleaner that breaks down stains. Plus, it’s better for the planet than harsh chemicals.

Fresh lemons can also be used to clean wooden chopping boards along with salt which helps to penetrate the wood for a deeper clean.

The fruit is also great at removing smells from the microwave. Simply pop it in a bowl of water and set it on a low heat for a few minutes.


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