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Germany's Scholz under threat as far-right election win sparks Leftie chaos

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has sounded the alarm on the rising influence of far-right populism in Europe, cautioning against its divisive and destructive agenda. His remarks come amid growing concerns over the potential outcomes of the upcoming European Parliament elections, set to take place in June.

Speaking at a gathering of centre-left European parties in Bucharest, Romania, Chancellor Scholz highlighted the imminent threat posed by right-wing populist movements.

He stressed the dangers they pose to the unity and stability of the European Union, particularly through their campaigns targeting refugees and minorities.

“Right-wing populists are running election campaigns against our united Europe,” Scholz said. “They are ready to destroy what we have built for the kids; they stir up sentiment against refugees and minorities.”

Opinion polls suggest a significant rightward shift in the upcoming elections, with the radical right Identity and Democracy group projected to secure enough seats to become the third-largest group in the European Parliament. This shift is expected to come at the expense of centrist and green parties.

In response to this concerning trend, Chancellor Scholz reiterated the importance of a prosperous and proactive European Union as a bulwark against populism and authoritarianism. He reaffirmed Germany’s commitment to supporting Ukraine, highlighting its role in maintaining peace in Europe.

However, Scholz faces challenges on the domestic front as well. Recent national polls indicate waning support for his centre-left coalition, with the centre-right opposition bloc gaining ground, alongside the far-right Alternative for Germany party.

The concerns expressed by Chancellor Scholz were echoed by Iratxe García Pérez, President of the Socialists and Democrats group, who emphasised the threat posed by rising populism to the European project.

The meeting in Bucharest follows a gathering of the centre-right European People’s Party last month, where representatives endorsed Ursula von der Leyen’s bid for a second term leading the European Commission.

Nicolas Schmit, the Jobs and Social Rights Commissioner from Luxembourg, has been selected as the lead candidate for the Socialists and Democrats in Brussels. However, the appointment of the next Commission chief will require approval from leaders of all EU member states, with nearly half belonging to the European People’s Party.


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