Home News Ex-Rep. George Santos revives drag queen persona Kitara, says it’s for charity

Ex-Rep. George Santos revives drag queen persona Kitara, says it’s for charity

(S)he’s ba-a-a-ck — and it’s all for a good cause!

Ex-Rep. George Santos Monday is reviving his long-hidden drag queen persona for what he claims is a charity fundraising effort after the collapse of his political career.

The disgraced former lawmaker tweeted that he will record personalized short videos using the cross-dressing alter ego that he abandoned nearly two decades ago, for anyone who wants to pay.

“Y’all were so obsessed with me being a drag queen so now i’m going to use that to make some money for charity,” Santos told the News.

“It’s me trolling you,” Santos added.

The short videos on the Cameo platform cost a hefty $350 a pop.

Addressing his online audience as “you messy b—-es,” Santos asserted that 10% of the proceeds would go to a 9/11 victims group and another 10% to a pro-Israel Christian group.

All the rest of the profits will go to wardrobe, hair and makeup expenses, at least according to Santos.

“George Santos will make nothing,” he said. “I’m doing it for charity.”

Santos insisted he was “never a drag queen” and that nosy journalists twisted a photo of him dressed in women’s clothes that was taken 18 years ago in Brazil.

One-time friends and members of Brazil’s LGBTQ community say Santos, who identifies as gay, was a well-known drag queen performing under the stage name Kitara Ravache.

Setting the debate about his past aside, Santos now says he’ll embrace his inner Kitara.

“I’ve decided to bring Kitara out of the closet after 18 years!” Santos tweeted.

Santos, who won a Long Island congressional seat in a 2022 midterms upset, became an unlikely national punch line when it turned out he concocted most of his life story.

He was expelled from Congress over allegations that he stole from donors to bankroll a lavish lifestyle including luxe travel, porn and Botox.

Santos is awaiting a federal trial on those charges as well as campaign finance violations and even COVID unemployment fraud.

Santos recently abandoned a short-lived effort to run for a nearby Long Island congressional district held by rival GOP Rep. Nick LaLota.

The flamboyant ex-lawmaker relishes the attention that he continues to command even after his political career lies in ruins. He makes no secret that recording personalized videos on the Cameo platform is a valuable revenue source for a guy who was making $55,000 a year working in a call center before his brief stint in Congress.

“I gotta bounce,” Santos told the News. “I’m busy doing my own (videos).”


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