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Ebanie Bridges responds to criticism of 'embarrassing' Conor McGregor relationship

Ebanie Bridges has responded to a fan that criticised her ongoing friendship with controversial UFC star Conor McGregor, calling it “embarrassing”. The previous boxing world champion first met McGregor at the ringside of Anthony Joshua’s fight against Robert Helenius last August.

Bridges has frequently supported McGregor by endorsing his Forged Irish Stout and was seen partying with him in his Dublin pub. As a familiar face on social media, Ebanie is often subjected to negative comments.

On this occasion, a fan wrote: “Hard not to like you Ebanie, your achievements are fantastic but unfortunately your association with McGregor does nothing to enhance your status. He’s an embarrassment.”

Never one to shy away from criticism, Bridges clapped back: “You don’t know Conor personally do you?”

She continued: “You just judge him for what he shows online… just like all the people who judge me negatively that don’t know me. Don’t be so quick to judge people. He’s very smart and successful he knows what he’s doing and he’s far from an embarrassment.”

Bridges closed her argument by emphasising how McGregor’s promotion efforts have significantly benefited her brand since she became an ambassador for his stout.

“That’s fine that he isn’t your cup of tea, can’t please everyone, don’t watch him or give him ur attention then. But don’t say he does nothing for my status cos he is embarrassing cos I can tell you he does plenty for it. He’s a good supportive human. Look how many fighters he sponsors look how much he gives back to combat sports. Yet fight fans sit here and hate,” she added.

‘The Blonde Bomber’ hasn’t been in the ring since she lost her world title to Miyo Yoshida last December. But she’s doing great with her thriving OnlyFans business, with McGregor’s backing.

“Conor always encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing. He says things like ‘You’re taking over’ and has said that kind of stuff to me for over a year. He’s just so supportive and obviously he is an inspiration. I know that I put in a lot of work to be where I am, so I can only imagine the work that he puts in,” she shared with Lucky Block.


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