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Dramatic moment floating crew member is winched to safety after deadly Houthi attack

A dramatic video depicts the moment crew members of the True Confidence bulk carrier were rescued by the Indian Army. The chaotic minute-long clip shows a civilian being lifted inside a helicopter, which later landed on the INS Kolkata, a frigate serving the Indian Navy.

The crew members had evacuated the True Confidence aboard a life raft after an anti-ship ballistic missile shot by Houthi rebels had hit the commercial vessel at approximately 8.30am on March 6 (11.30am local time).

The Indian Navy took the survivors of the attack to Djibouti. The injured were taken to a local hospital. At the moment of the attack, the ship was in the Gulf of Aden, off the coast of Yemen.

This is an area that has grown increasingly dangerous since November, when the Iran-backed Houthis started threatening global trade.

The stated goal of this rebel group, which is claiming to only attack Israeli, British or US vessels, is to support the end of the war in Gaza, which started after the terror attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7.

The attack carried out by the Houthis on Wednesday marked a dangerous escalation, as it was the first time they killed civilians since they started hostilities in the Red Sea area.

The Liberian-registered True Confidence SA, which had bought the carrier from US private equity group Oaktree Capital just days before the attack, and managers Third January Maritime, reported “with great sadness” the death of one Vietnamese and two Filipino crew members.

Two more Filipino civilians aboard the vessel had suffered serious injuries following the Houthi attack, the statement added.

The message also read: “Owners and managers offer their heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the families of those who have lost their loved ones in this tragic attack and wish for a speedy and full recovery of those who are in hospital.”

The Houthis may have attacked the Barbados-flagged True Confidence thinking it was still US-owned, as upon claiming the attack they called it an “American ship”.

The vessel had aboard a 20-strong crew – including 5 Filipino, four Vietnamese and one Indian nationals – as well as three security guards – two Sri Lankans and one Nepalese citizen.

Prior to Wednesday, the most serious attack perpetrated by the rebel group dated back to February 19, when they hit the Belize-flagged, Lebanese-operated Rubymar bulk carrier.

Over the following days, the vessel eventually sank, posing grave environmental risks as it carried thousands of tonnes of fertiliser that could spill into the Red Sea.


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