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Doctor reveals three red flag warning signs that mean you urgently need to see your GP

It can often seem like a big hassle to go to your GP. With most NHS surgeries at full capacity and people struggling to get appointments more than ever before it can be easy to dismiss whatever symptoms you are experiencing and not bother.

While this might be fine in the case of minor illnesses or injury that can be treated at home or with over-the-counter medications, there are some warning signs of health conditions that should never be ignored.

One doctor took to social media platform TikTok to reveal three of the most important symptoms that should prompt an immediate visit to your GP.

Speaking to his more than 220,000 followers, Doctor Sermed Mezher advised viewers on the most concerning changes to your body and health that you should take seriously.

He said: “Here are three signs to see your doctor that nobody should ignore.”

The three signs are:

  • Rapidly losing weight without trying to
  • A mole that is pigmented or changing colour
  • Changing bowel habits.

Weight loss

If you are “rapidly” losing weight without trying to, this should sound alarm bells

Dr Mezher explained: “You see, there are lots of dangerous conditions that could cause this like if your bowel isn’t absorbing nutrients properly or worst-case scenario you could have a cancer that’s consuming your body’s resources, which means it needs to break itself down to fuel your day.”

Cancer Research UK lists unexplained weight loss as one of the key signs for cancer.


Many of us have moles on our skin that are perfectly safe and healthy.

However, if it is slightly unusual or starts to change this should be cause for concern.

Dr Mezher continued: “If you’ve got a mole, especially if it’s pigmented and it’s rapidly changing size or colour.

“Really, we should be able to see just around one or two colours in a pigmented mole.

“If we see more and it’s got irregular borders, you don’t know where the normal skin is, or where the mole ends then definitely it’s time to go get checked out.”

A mole that is irregular or changes is one key sign of skin cancer.

The NHS also warns that a mole that is painful or itchy, inflamed, bleeding or crusty could signal cancer.

Bowel habits

According to Dr Mezher, “very few people” talk about this symptom.

“If your bowel habits are changing – you’ve got the runs or you’ve got constipation and that happens for a few weeks then again go see your doctor,” he added.

“We can do a stool test that can check if you’re absorbing properly or if there’s any abnormal blood that’s located in your poo that you can’t see with your eyes, which does happen.”

A change in bowel habits is one of the most common signs of bowel cancer, however, it could also be caused by an infection, IBS, changes in diet or changes in medication.

If you experience any of the symptoms listed above or have any concerns, speak to your doctor.


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