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Declassified docs reveal first city to be wiped out in a nuclear war 'surprise attack'

A newly declassified document in the United States has revealed which city would likely be destroyed first in the event of an all-out nuclear war, as it was also recently revealed there are “huge holes” in America’s nuclear defences.

Under the cryptic title, “General Nuclear War”, these previously concealed US government files outline a chilling scenario in which Washington DC would be eradicated.

Highlighted first by the Mail on Sunday, the alarmingly detailed plan involves a devastating “surprise attack” launched with a one-megaton thermonuclear bomb.

Former assistant secretary of defence for nuclear, chemical and biological defence programmes, Andrew Weber, said: “A ‘Bolt out of the Blue’ attack against DC is what everyone in DC fears most.”

This ominously named strike, as expected, would give no warning to its victims. Its destruction would be near unfathomable, with blasts generating millions of degrees in heat forming fireballs expanding at astonishing speeds of millions of miles per hour.

The Sun reports this would cause “concrete to rupture, metal to liquefy or vaporise, stone to fracture, and individuals to instantaneously combust into carbon.”

Craig Fugate, former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, gave a stark warning to The Mail on Sunday, stating that should a surprise attack occur, survival would be down to individual “self-survival.”

“We have to get past the mental block that says it’s too terrible to think about,” he said in an older interview. “We have to be ready to deal with it” and help people learn how to best protect themselves.”

In a 2010 ABC interview, an anonymous official involved in planning for a potential attack spoke frankly. “It’s more survivable than most people think,” they stated, emphasising the importance of avoiding nuclear fallout.

This follows a chilling statement from Russian President Vladimir Putin in March, where he told Russian state media that his nuclear weapons exist “in order to use them”.

The Kremlin leader warned that he was prepared to utilise these weapons of mass destruction, but has yet to find a need for them.

Putin confirmed that Russia is prepared for nuclear warfare on both a military and technical front.


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