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Chinese horoscope 2024: The luckiest animals in April on the year of the Dragon

Rat: April 13

In April, your fortune will depend on how much you trust your inner wisdom. Don’t get carried away by the world around you and miss out on the real things or people that bring you luck.

Meditation can help you connect with yourself. Yellow and sunflowers will bring you good luck.

Ox: April 20

You are in control of your own luck this month. It all depends on knowing who you are and not letting anyone else change that.

If you stay strong and stand your ground, luck will be on your side. The colours blue and blue-green, as well as white flowers like baby’s breath, will bring you good luck.

Tiger: April 24

Karma is on your side this month, Tiger. That’s where your luck comes from. So don’t be scared. Be brave, rely on yourself, and ask for help when you need it.

Anyone who tries to hurt you will be stopped, and those who have hurt you in the past will get what they deserve. The colours yellow and orange will bring you good luck in April. If you’re looking for a lucky colour, opt for orange.

RabbitApril 27

For Rabbits, April brings strange luck. You can choose to ignore it or pass it on to someone else who might need a bit of good fortune more than you do. It’s all up to you and your circumstances.

Taking time to think about what is and what could be will help you make the right choice without any regrets. Blue crystals and clear quartz can help boost your wishes this month. If you’re feeling unsure, try holding a clear quartz palmstone while you meditate.

Dragon: April 30

Dragons, your luck in April is special. You’re encouraged to get everything in order and gather all the pieces of the puzzle this month. The time isn’t quite right for new starts or big projects, so use your luck to collect everything you’ll need for when the time is right.

Red and orange are your lucky colours for April. Dragon motifs will also bring you luck, but avoid wearing them on your clothes as they could attract unwanted attention.

Snake: Luckiest Day: April 3

Snake, your luck in April will shine when you’re surrounded by people who truly love and care for you. If you don’t have anyone like that, then be that person for yourself. Be your own hero this month so good fortune can find you when you’re alone and looking after yourself.

This also encourages you to be aware of harmful influences in your social circle and family. If you feel the need, consider working with a spiritual guide this month. They might help you tackle the spiritual roots of problems that seem impossible to solve or cleanse your energy field for you.

Horse: April 7

You’re super lucky this month – you’re the star of the show in the cosmos. But remember, if you ignore your instincts or keep putting things off when you know you need to act, you might miss out on all the good luck waiting for you.

If you’re feeling anxious or down and it’s hard to get involved with the world, try some morning meditation. It’ll calm your spirit and help you find your balance again. Wearing green and eating more green foods will be really good for you in April!

Goat: April 15 and 18

Goat, your luck this month is pretty traditional. If you’ve got a trip to Macau or Vegas in the works, others better watch their backs.

You could clean them out. This luck could also help you win big in competitions and giveaways. So go on, grab the goodies!

Just a heads up: for a few of you, this luck will show up as good karma that keeps you safe from other people’s bad vibes. If you feel like it, carry a bit of iron in your pocket to keep negativity away. Just make sure it’s not a magnet!

Monkey: April 18

Monkey, your good luck in April will come from your dreams. So keep a dream diary and write down the strange things as soon as you wake up. You’ll soon see a pattern and understand what your dreams are telling you.

Some of you might find out what you’re meant to do in life through this. Others will learn the name of your true love while dreaming. The colour brown will bring you good luck in April, and so will playing in dirt and mud-especially mud sports.

Rooster: April 19

Rooster, you’re really lucky in April. Whatever you’re working on will be blessed at this time, whether it’s a relationship, a personal project, or something else. Those of you who work in property will have lots of good luck and fortune now, especially if you buy a house or flat.

Building or changing your own home is also a good idea. The colour aquamarine will bring you good luck in April, and so will the crystal Aquamarine.

Dog: April 21

Dog, your good luck in April will happen behind the scenes. So keep living your life as you do, but make sure to stop any bad habits. Growing and learning will add to your good luck, too, even if you can’t see what’s happening backstage.

Just know that the stars have got your back and will show everything (or literally lift the curtains) when the time is right. Some of you will benefit from doing a cord-cutting ritual to remove negative forces from acting on you.

You’ll need a black candle, a circle of salt, a cinnamon stick, a lemon or orange peel, and a star anise for this. Place the candle in the middle of the salt circle and put the other items at the base. Next, light the candle while thinking about your goal to cleanse yourself. Don’t cook with any of the used ingredients!

Pig: April 18

Pig, your luck in April is small but sweet. It will make your days nice and might even bring a surprise or two, but don’t expect anything big or important.

For that, try using manifestation techniques instead.

If you’ve done a ritual recently, you might have to wait a bit longer to see the results. The colour pink will be lucky for you in April, as will materials like cotton and tulle.


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