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British tourists hit back at whinging Tenerife locals – 'f*** off we pay your wages!'

In the ongoing clash between British tourists and locals in Tenerife, tensions are reaching new heights as holidaymakers respond to complaints with defiant messages and increased bookings.

Residents of the Canary Islands, particularly in Tenerife, have voiced their grievances about what they believe is an invasion of “cheap beer-drinking, burger-scoffing Brits.”

Calls for attracting “higher quality” visitors and even bans on certain behaviours have led to graffiti demanding tourists to “go home”. 

However, British tourists are not taking these criticisms lying down. In a clear backlash to the anti-tourism sentiment, messages like “F*** off, we pay your wages” have appeared on walls next to those demanding tourists to leave, MailOnline reports.

Despite the escalating tensions, the desire for Tenerife as a holiday destination remains strong. Over the Easter weekend, one travel firm reported a significant 10 percent surge in reservations for the island, indicating that the protests have not deterred holidaymakers.

The root of the discord lies in concerns from locals about the impact of tourism on their communities. Complaints include issues such as rising property prices due to foreign buyers and the proliferation of holiday rentals.

Last year alone, Tenerife saw a record-breaking 6.5 million visitors, marking an 11 percent increase from the previous year. The Canary Islands as a whole welcomed a staggering 16 million tourists during the same period.

Anti-tourism sentiment has manifested in graffiti across resorts, with slogans like “too many guiris,” a derogatory term for foreigners, appearing on walls.

Furthermore, British and Irish second homeowners in the Canaries have faced fines of £2,000 for refusing to rent out their properties, adding fuel to the fire of discontent.

Despite these challenges, tourism to Tenerife continues to thrive. Manchester-based tourism firm On The Beach reported a notable increase in bookings for the island, indicating that British holidaymakers remain undeterred by the ongoing tensions.


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