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Bleach makes yellow toilet stains ‘worse’ – use genius 44p item that ‘works in seconds’

Toilet cleaning can be a tough task. You can scrub for hours and still find yellow stains on your toilet seat.

In a bit to remove stains on their toilet seat, Lilian Beckett took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page to ask for advice.

She said: “White toilet seat going yellow on edge, what should I use to clean it?”

In this situation, many would opt to use bleach to clean their toilet seats, however, group members claimed that bleach should be avoided.

They claimed that bleach “doesn’t work” and, if anything, it “makes it worse”. Suzi Robinson said: “Bleaching doesn’t work.” Theresa Turner wrote: “I found bleaching makes it worse.”

Michael Barnes said: “Never use bleach on the plastic toilet seats. It eats into the shiny resistant coating.”

Carol Meares warned: “Bleaching causes plastic to yellow.” Ann Stanton urged: “Don’t put bleach down the toilet and close the lid. The fumes will yellow the plastic.”

Instead many cleaning fans were raving about the abilities magic sponges have. 

Christine Richards said: “After reading a comment on Facebook, I tried a magic sponge and it did a great job. I’d give it a try.”

Sheila Gillmore commented: “Use a magic sponge. They’re absolute genius. It worked for me in seconds.”

Sue Crowder claimed: “The only thing that worked for me was a magic eraser.”

Jackie Thornley said: “I’ve just removed mine with a magic sponge. Looks perfect now.”

While there are branded versions of the magic sponge, group members claimed that the cheaper ones work just as well.


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