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Biggest bombshell moments from “Love Is Blind” Season 6 reunion

From cheating scandals to shocking rekindled relationships, Netfix’s “Love Is Blind” season 6 reunion was full of bombshell moments. Here’s the rundown of what went down during the special:

AD dated Mathew after the show

Even though Mathew was the only no-show at the reunion, his name was very much front and center during the “Love Is Blind” reunion special.

After a montage confirmed that Mathew indeed told both AD and Amber that he wanted to ask their fathers for their hand in marriage, AD revealed that she reconnected with Mathew after the pods.

She shared that Mathew reached out to apologize for his deception in the pods, and she decided to give him another chance. However, AD says they live very different lifestyles and the relationship fizzled out after two dates.

AD previously told NY Daily News she had accepted Mathew’s apology after a heart-to-heart.

“We had a few conversations, nothing too intense, nothing too crazy,” she said. “We are friends and we left it at friendship.”

“Mathew had a realization that the way he kind of went about the experiment probably wasn’t the best way and he apologized and I accepted.”

Clay says he “made a mistake” rejecting AD at the altar

Clay got vulnerable on the reunion stage, admitting that rejecting AD at the altar was “a mistake.”

He publicly apologized to his former fiancé, and expressed  regret for saying “I don’t” in the season finale.

The entrepreneur expressed his desire to date AD again. When asked if she would ever take him back, AD responded with a swift “next question,” noting that he “played in her f—ing face.”

Admitting he “didn’t do the process right,” Clay credited his ex for his growth since filming. “I came out a different man and I have to credit that to AD,” Clay told Nick Lachey.

Turning to AD, he says, “I love you. You are the love of my life.”

Chelsea addressed her notorious Megan Fox comparison

Fans had a whole lot to say about Chelsea’s comparison to Megan Fox, so she took a moment on the reunion stage to respond to all the backlash.

“The world is harsh,” she said. “It was a silly little comment and my whole world has slipped upside down.”

Chelsea also mentioned all the social media commentary about her physical appearance left her feeling “demolished.”

The Netflix star also mentioned that she is in therapy and is proud of herself for handling it with “grace.”

Jess and Jimmy are not on good terms

Jess confronted Jimmy on stage about an interview he did that left fer “infuriated.”

“It seemed like you took the first opportunity you had to just make an attempt at throwing me under the bus,” she told Jimmy.

Jess says he implied that she “hammered” him and walked out of their last date 10 minutes after it started.

After running back the tape, it was revealed their last date lasted 2 hours and 13 minutes.

Trevor addresses rumor he had a girlfriend during the process

After the show was released, rumors swirled that Trevor had a girlfriend during the “Love Is Blind” process.

Texts messages were released of Trevor telling his alleged girlfriend during the show’s filming that he was just “pretending” in the pods.

Nick Lachey read the text messages out loud, leaving Trevor speechless.

“I had a whole thing to say. I don’t know. Yeah, so I guess I’ll start by saying that I was not ‘dating her.’”

Trevor says the woman he was texting with knew he wanted to try the experiment to meet someone he wouldn’t typically date in real life. But his fellow cast members and the audience were visibly puzzled.

“There isn’t an answer for that,” he added. He then called himself “toxic” and admitted he needs therapy.

“I did come here for good and bad reasons.”

He then asked Nick Lachey for permission to leave the stage, which the host granted.


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