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'Best ever' gardening hack gets rid of slugs and snails with 'crazy' results

An ingenious gardening hack for getting rid of slugs and snails without using chemicals is said to get “crazy” results – and it is being hailed as the “best ever” way of dealing with the slimy pests. 

The gluttonous gastropods can be a gardeners’ nemesis, as these munching molluscs chomp away at much-loved plants.  Some effective chemical treatments – like metaldehyde slug pellets – have been banned in the UK, because they harm birds and mammals. 

Consequently, gardeners are also looking for ways to wage war with this old enemy that won’t damage the environment.  Thankfully, a green-fingered guru has shared a solution on YouTube that viewers say has made a real difference in their gardens. 

Youtube channel Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) describes the method as “the Ultimate Chemical Free Slug & Snail Garden Trap” and says it gets “crazy result”. And, best of all, it only requires two terracotta pots – which many of us will already have kicking around our gardens or potting sheds. 

In his video, green-fingered Gary said: “Today I’m going to show you a way to literally collect and remove hundreds of snails and slugs from your garden without using any kind of chemicals whatsoever. First thing,  come out in the morning check your traps remove whatever’s there.

“This is the north side of my shed. So,  you want to set up these terracotta pots – that’s all we’re going to use as traps for Slugs and snails. You don’t want the sun beating down on here  – you want a place that’s going to stay damp and cool the slugs are going to just show up.”

Gary explains that you just need a “basic terracotta pot”,  turned upside down  – and he says the slugs and snails will slither right inside, to stay moist.  While this method really works, Gary stumbled on a way to make it even more effective.  

Simply, put a larger pot over the first – and the trap becomes even more effective. On the video voiceover, Gary said: “I’m going to come back and kill these later.

“They’re all entering two through the top so you don’t have to worry about anything – just seal the bottom,  keep everything moist and this is how you make terracotta pot traps for snails and slugs.

“It’s very effective. If you don’t have any rain for seven to ten days, just come over and soak it down – they’re gonna hang out there and you can collect them in the morning.”


The effectiveness of the hack has been vouched for by many viewers in the  YouTube video’s comment section.  Leah Killien said: “Can I just say what a difference this has made in my garden?!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!”

Another viewer, @bangmo2860 said: ” The best way to get rid of snails i’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing!!”

And Michael John Williams commented: “Great way to collect them. I need to point out one important thing about this idea.

“Leopard slugs are good slugs for your garden, they eat dying materials.

“They don’t damage healthy, living plants, but they do eat other slugs, including those that can damage garden plants and vegetables.  By eating dead and rotting plants, as well as fungi, Leopard Slugs recycle nutrients and fertilise the soil.”


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