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Zero chance! Rejoiner Heseltine skewered over claim Brexit will be REVERSED if Boris quits


The arch-Rejoiner sparked widespread condemnation when he claimed that Mr Johnson’s departure from Number 10 could see the UK back under the control of Brussels. Even fellow Remaianic Sir Tony Blair – who has branded leaving the bloc a “self-harming act” – said it would be a mistake to campaign for EU membership any time soon.

Former Government adviser, Mujtaba Rahman, agreed and slammed the Tory grandee – who served as deputy prime minister in Sir John Major’s Government.

Mr Rahman said he sees zero chance of the historic 2016 EU referendum being reversed.

Speaking to TimesRadio he said: “The Labour Party isn’t going to make a big push on the issue and will remain focused on minor changes to the deal to make it work better for business.”

His claims came after Lord Heseltine, who is a leading campaigner for another vote on EU membership, said: “The Brexit agenda was a pack of lies …

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“This is against the background where the government is going to be less popular, for one reason, and that is the falling living standards that are now built into the inflation cycle.”

His comments were welcomed by fellow arch Remainer Lord Andrew Adonis.

The former Labour MP said: “You never know how quickly things can change.”

But Sir Tony – who has previously slammed the Brexit vote – wasn’t so positive.

He said: “It would be a political error to revive the whole argument – you just have to accept that, no matter how passionately opposed to it I was.”

Instead, the focus should be on making the relationship with the EU “work”.

He added: “You don’t want a situation where your prime minister is not on good terms with European leaders.”

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer also ruled out a return to the single market or the customs union when questioned on the matter this week.

He told the Guardian: “There’s no case for rejoining, so we have to make it work. We are out and we’re staying out.”

And while there may be little chance of the UK reentering the EU, Mr Johnson’s future looks less secure.

Senior Tory Brexiteer Steve Baker said that it looked like “checkmate” for the Prime Minister.

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