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'You’ve had six years!’ Sadiq Khan lambasted over knife crime surge in London


LBC caller Jack snapped at the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, over his fears of violent crime in the capital. Sadiq Khan has long been criticised for rising knife crime in London, he has repeatedly claimed to be doing his best to tackle the issue. The caller, introduced as Jack, argued that there are no police on the streets and the issue is not being resolved.

He added Mr Khan has had six years to resolve the issue and claimed he has failed to do so.

The caller said: “When the cameras are on and the commissioner and Sadiq Khan come to Tower Hamlets, yes.

“But when there are no cameras and I am walking with my six and seven years old to Victory Park I see gangs and gangs of teenagers.

“They are up to no good and getting no education, there is no police.

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“That is the scary thing, I live it in, I see it, I grew up here.

“If I wasn’t around for my kids, someone else would be threatening them.”

The caller argued the London Mayor has had ample time to do something about the issue of crime and anti-social behaviour in the city.

He said: “Sadiq, you have had six years, that is more than enough time.

He replied: “I don’t like correcting listeners Jack but if you look at the crime rate in New York, you don’t want to live in New York.

“It took New York 20 years to make progress.

“As a global city, if you compare London with any global city, we are safer.”


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